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1976 Honda CB550 Cafe Project

From the extraordinary cafe builder Steve “Carpy” Carpenter comes this “I’m clearin’ out the garage” project bike up for sale on eBay right now. It’s a 1976 Honda CB550 with a bikini fairing, aftermarket seat, and a need for a good home with a patient mechanic. Lots of parts are missing, but the price is right ($152 with 22 hours left in the auction). Maybe you have an extra set of carbs, a pipe, some brakes calipers, and miscellaneous other parts sitting around? Good. Then this is the bike for you…


So you want to start a cafe racer website?

I admit, when I started this blog I wanted to register and host the blog there. I couldn’t get it, and settled for (the site isn’t functional yet, so you don’t need to check it out at this point in time). Then, I noticed an incoming link to this blog today from I clicked on it to see where the link was coming from, and lo-and-behold, the domain name is parked and for sale. “How much is the asking sale price,” you might ask? I’ll tell you…

$82,100 at

Whatever. I think I’ll stick with my WordPress blog.