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1961 Aermacchi 250 Cafe Racer (Reposted again (otherwise titled “An Open Letter To Lossa Engineering))

Dear Lossa Engineering,

I believe this is at least the second time this bike has been posted on eBay for sale. I wrote about it before, but apparently that did not help enough as it didn’t sell back in December. Although I no longer work at eBay, I will hazard a guess that your reserve is too high. I once posted about a bike that had an opening price of $100K, but that didn’t work out so well for the seller.

I really appreciate all that you have done to this bike, but perhaps the price is too high for eBay? I’m not sure what it costs to build such an awesome bike as this (Click here to see previous post). However, I am sure it is quite a lot. It is an awesome bike, but I need some new material to blog about. Perhaps you could lower the reserve a bit so that you could fund your next awesome cafe racer build-up. I have posted about two other bikes you have cafe’d, and I really like your style a lot, but there is only so much I can do with relisted bikes. If you would like, I would post a permanent post as a sale listing at the price you really want to get so you can continue providing the world with very cool motorcycles.

As a side note, I have a friend who thinks that you sometimes go overboard with the colored parts (red frames, headlight shells, etc.) on some of the Honda-based bikes you have done. I, however, disagree. Please keep up the good work building cafe racers that are not drenched in flat black. You make the world of motorcycling a little more colorful…


I Love Cafe Racers!!!


1978 Harley-Davidson XLCR Sportster Cafe Racer

Up for auction on eBay right now (and going to sell for over $13K by the looks of it) is this 1978 Harley XLCR. It is in pretty good shape with very low miles (<4K). The current owner mentions a few minor wear-and-tear scratches and dings, but no close up photos of those that I could find. Lots of extras included in the auction…

I’m starting to feel kinda stupid posting different XLCRs. As the owner of a 2005 Sportster being converted into a cafe racer, I feel a little bit of loyalty to these original attempts at the factory cafe racer. But as I download and post more and more of these, I am beginning to realize that nobody does anything interesting to these bikes, and I could just as well post a picture of any one of the XLCRs that are for sale on any of the listings and it wouldn’t really make a difference. I mean, how many black sportsters (albeit XLCRs) can one person take?

I understand that they are considered a “collectible” Harley (especially out of the AMF years), but come on! Somebody has to have modded one of these. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? If anyone has any good pics of a modded XLCR send them my way and I will post…