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The Detroit Brothers Sportster Is For Sale Again?!?!?

How many times am I going to find this bike for sale on eBay? About 3 or 4 apparently…

I’m a little bit suspicious of this bike being for sale again. The seller gives some kind of light-weight explanation of the reason for the resale — “I won the Detroit Brothers Cafe Racer #26 from James about a month ago on ebay. I just want to go in a different direction.” Whatever.

If you are bidding on this bike, please do some My Messaging with the seller and with James from Detroit Brothers to try and track this bike down. I would hate for anyone to end up getting scammed…


1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer (Kinda Old School)

Up for auction on eBay right now is this semi-finished 1973 Honda CB750 cafe racer conversion. There are definitely aspects to this bike that I really like. It has kind of a Zero Engineering feel to it, what with the old school look of the front end and the white grips. But it seems like maybe the bike needs a few more weekends before trying to get a premium for it on eBay. The seller did lower his original Buy-It-Now price, but I think he might have difficulty reaching either that or his also lowered reserve price. Read the sellers description if you are interested, because there are a few things wrong. I’m still trying to find the muffler(s), as they seem to be missing…