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A Couple Of eBay Relists…

I noticed these two relists on eBay this morning, and I wonder if they will sell this time around. I am kind of surprised that the Honda has 20 bids thus far (but still not meeting reserve), whilst the XS650 has zero bids. I get that the Yamaha needs a small amount of completion work, but still…

Yamaha XS650 1981 Cafe Racer 01

honda cb750 1974 brit cafe 01

1981 Yamaha XS650 Cafe Racer

Here’s a very cool and very built 1981 Yamaha XS650 cafe racer. It’s actually a 750cc due to the big bore pistons that have apparently been dropped into it. Other cool features are the 17″ motard rims wrapped with sticky Michelins. Definitely a little bit different than your usual 18″ wheels. The front brake setup is a mixture of GSXR master cylinder, Ducati 900SS rotor, and old school caliper. Overall, this is a really cool build that mixes old with new and appears to be one stonkin’ cafe racer…

It’s on eBay with 12 hours left, zero bidders, and a starting bid price of $4,500.

Yamaha XS650 1981 Cafe Racer 021
Yamaha XS650 1981 Cafe Racer 023
Yamaha XS650 1981 Cafe Racer 025
Yamaha XS650 1981 Cafe Racer 026

1981 Yamaha XS650 Cafe Racer

Ignore the angled, artsy photos for a moment, and what you have here is a good starting point to complete a really nice cafe racer. While it has a clear title (lots of eBay bikes don’t), it is missing a few doo-dads that will make it street legal when you try to register it, including the tail light. That being said, this is a beautiful, well executed bike that has a IMHO a very cool paint job. Add an exhaust, some rear-sets and maybe a tach and you’re good to go. Could even more be done to this bike? Yes, but then you wouldn’t be riding it now, would you…

Current price is $1,000 with just under 2 days left in the auction.

Yamaha XS650 1981 Cafe Racer 01
Yamaha XS650 1981 Cafe Racer 02
Yamaha XS650 1981 Cafe Racer 03
Yamaha XS650 1981 Cafe Racer 04
Yamaha XS650 1981 Cafe Racer 05

1981 Yamaha XS650 Cafe Racer

There are not a lot of photos of this XS650 being auctioned on eBay right now, so what you see is what you get. But the guy’s email address and phone is in the listing if you’re interested in finding out more before bidding/buying. The sum total info in the listing is as follows: “1981 XS 650 Yamaha cafe racer. Not sure of milage, but starts right up and runs great. New rear shocks. New club man handle bars, new bar-end mirrors.” There’s one bid of $1,500 with 2.5 days left.

yamaha xs650 1981 cafe racer 01
yamaha xs650 1981 cafe racer 02
yamaha xs650 1981 cafe racer 03

1981 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

Here’s a nice later model CB750 that has been converted into a cafe racer. While I know that the later DOHC models are not as sought after by those of us who love cafe racers, there are some very positive points to converting a bike like this, especially if you want a great ride-able bike. First off, you’ve potentially got about 10 more horsepower stock depending on whose dyno numbers you look at. This is a nice benefit, particularly because the bikes we’re talking about have the word “racer” in the name. Second, the larger forks should be good for a bit stiffer front-end (37mm vs. 35mm). Thirdly, dual discs as stock.

Yes, the later bikes got about 15 pounds heavier. But word from a friend of mine is that the bikes didn’t carry that weight particularly badly. In fact, his comment was that the later bikes actually handled much better than the earlier SOHC bikes.

This bike (currently being auctioned on eBay) has been somewhat lightly converted with the addition of clubman bars and a seat. The tank and foot controls are stock, but some nice custom work has been done with the paint and side covers. It also looks like the brake rotors have been drilled, but the pictures aren’t particularly detailed, so don’t hold me to that one. Current price is $2,500 with zero bidders and a little over one day left. And if you are really jonesing for this bike, the seller has a Buy-It-Now price of $4,500. 😯


1981 Honda CB750 DOHC Cafe Racer

I believe this is the latest model CB750 I’ve posted that’s been converted into a cafe racer. What’s interesting and nice about this bike is the addition of 2003 GSXR forks. I believe they came off a 600 since they aren’t male slider (USD) forks. Overall, a fairly unique build if just because of that. It also has a nice alternative speedo on it with the Vapor computer.

This bike is one of the more reasonable examples of the CB750 that has appeared on eBay. The Buy-It-Now is about $2,500, while the auction price is currently at $1,625 with 3 days left. Interesting bike…


1981 Yamaha XS650 Cafe Racer

This is easily one of the purest cafe racers I have posted in a while. This XS650 has been distilled down to the essence of cafeness. But not only that, it is extremely well built to boot. The paint looks near perfect, the parts are all new or very clean, and it even has rear-sets (the usually forgotten part). I think the seller is very optimistic on the price, but it is certainly a nice bike. I copied the list of features the seller put in the listing to below the photos, so scroll down for more info on what’s been done to this bike…


    Fresh Powder coating on everything
    Custom Tank w/ Por15 lining and rebuilt pet cock
    Custom Fiber Glass Seat
    Custom Paint
    Custom Made Rears Sets
    Brit style starter and horn handle and Light bar pod
    XS650 1975 Alloy Rims 19F and 18R
    Re-laced wheels w/ Mikes XS cadmium Spokes
    All new Wheel Bearings and Dust seals
    Avon 26’s Tires and tubes and Balanced (only one low mile summer on them)
    XS650 1975 Chrome Fenders
    Rebuilt Fork tubes w/ seals
    New Steering Bearings
    Mikes XS Racing Front Brake Disc
    Rebuilt Front Brake Calipers w/ New pads
    Mikes XS 13mm Front Brake Master
    Braded Stainless Steel Brake Line
    Fresh Chain and Sprockets 17-34
    All new seals in engine
    Re-built Carb’s w/ extra jets, new floats and seals. Dialed in!
    All new Wiring harness from Mikes XS
    Brit style Head Light w/ Café Brackets
    1975 Tail Section w/handle with small fender tabs has been welded on
    Brit Style Alloy Tail Light
    Norton fork dust covers
    Mikes XS Commando Pipes w/new thick walled Headers (not the thin MAC ones)
    New Swing Arm Bronze Bushings and Bearings
    All new brake and clutch cables
    New Shocks and rear wheel adjusters
    Mikes XS Fined Oil filter w/modern Honda oil filer
    Polished engine covers and valve covers
    Front end fork Brace
    Super bike racing seat foam on seat
    New air fillers
    New Battery
    New coils and spark plug leads w/boots
    All locking tabs on brake disc, gears and bolts are new