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The most expensive cafe racer ever posted on this blog…

Okay, I’m sure this isn’t the most expensive cafe racer ever. But it is definitely the most expensive one I’ve ever posted. And it isn’t even an auction. $25K Buy-It-Now. And it’s in England…

What we have here is a Hogbitz cafe racer that is easily one of the more expensive Sportsters I’ve ever seen. What a beautiful bike. Now that it’s spring, the bikes are coming out of the woodwork, and I get to blog about some pretty cool machines. Hogbitz, in case you didn’t know, is a British company that takes Sportsters through 2003 and converts them to cafe racers for a fee (About $12-13K USD including bike for their most basic conversion). What we are looking at here is a very nice conversion that is being priced appropriately, but perhaps out of reach for most of us. Hopefully. I can finish the conversion of my own 2005 Sportster to something like this for much less than $25K even including my original purchase price. I am intrigued to see if this sells…
(Links below are to eBay and the actual bike being sold, the link in the text above is to Hogbitz)


1975 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

There are two things about this bike that I find interesting:

First, we once again have an example of the cafe racer without rear-sets. As I have not sprung for rear-sets on my Sportster yet, I can fully verify that being leaned forward with your feet relatively to the front is not a comfortable riding position. Why not go the full mile and put rear-sets on the bike?

Second, it’s been lowered. I don’t get this at all on a cafe racer. The bikes are nominally built to handle, so why make it so that parts will scrape going around corners? I say raise the bikes up! Longer shocks in the back, and stiffer springs in the front.

But that’s enough complaining. Both of these things are really easily fixable by the buyer of this bike. It is actually a super clean build (my own personal peeves not withstanding). And the bidding is currently right around $1K, but there are 6 days left, so I assume it will go much higher given the high quality of this motorcycle. All in all, a beautiful build that will make its new owner very happy!