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Interesting Cafe Racer Seat Idea…

I guess I had never really thought of constructing a good looking cafe racer seat in this manner. I’m used to looking at fiberglass or metal constructs that leave the stock seat-pan behind. The eBay listing for this says that it is for an early Kawasaki, but what’s interesting is that it is a stock seat-pan with a fiberglass cafe racer hump attached. And it looks pretty good, not kludged together.

Thoughts on this? Done right it seems like a cost-effective way of building a seat for just about any bike that starts out with a usable seat-pan…

How They Built It...

How They Built It...

1978 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer

I’ve written about the Benjie’s Cafe Racer shop a couple of times before, so it’s nice to see a bike using BCR parts floating around on the web. This particular machine is up for auction on eBay.

The CB550 is quite a nice bike as is. But this has been built up to really look the part of a cafe racer. The BCR tank and seat are what really make this bike shine. It does need two things, though: move the bars to a better position (they appear to be mounted upside-down (do clubmans come flat or with a small amount of downward angle?) and then rotated upwards), and put some rear-sets on that thing. Then this would be a top-notch cafe racer…


Homemade Café Racer Seat (CB750 or ???)

Here’s a pretty cool homemade cafe racer seat. Made with a steel pan, it should be plenty strong regardless of what bike it is on or how it is mounted. The riveted and polished aluminum rear cowl is a nice touch. Better yet, you can tell your friends you made it yourself!

Currently at $76 on eBay with about 4 hours left…


BMW R-Series Cafe Racer Seat

For your perusal, a fiberglass cafe racer seat for BMW R-Series models. The bikes pictured below are pretty sweet, an that is a good looking cafe seat on them. These bikes are generally as reliable as can be, and they build up into really nice cafe racers. The bikes can be bought for a reasonable sum, and there are lots of them still around.

The listing claims fitment for 1973-1984 R90/6 and R100/7 models, plus fitment to some other beemers, Hondas, and Yamahas that may require some fiberglass trimming. The price ($155 + $20 shipping) seems mostly reasonable compared to the other offerings out there, and the feedback for these seats has been good. If you have one of these seats on your bike, send me a pic and a description and I’ll post it!


Cafe Racer Seat for Yamaha SR500 / SR400 or ???

I’ve posted products / bikes by these guys before, but this is the first time I’ve seen this particular item. It is a nice cafe racer seat for a Yamaha SR. Their shop specializes in SR400 and SR500 bikes, but I’d have to guess that this seat would fit on other machines as well. Again, this company is located in Bangkok, the fact of which is not a problem in and of itself, but would make shipping times a bit longer.

Right now the shop doesn’t have any other items posted on eBay, but the polished aluminum tank is something they post fairly regularly. There are also a pair of rear-sets at the bottom of the page that are probably for the SR shown in the pictures. They seem to have a connection with a company in Japan that sells them items with cosmetic blems or fixes, and then they sell it on eBay. Items in the past have included other seats, a complete bike, and gas tanks that have extra welding on the under side (reason unknown, but I would assume a production error leading to a welded in patch).

Yamaha SR500 Cafe Racer Seat

Yamaha SR500 Cafe Racer Seat


1963 Honda Superhawk Cafe Racer, Kind Of…

Not quite a frankenbike, but definitely a creative amalgam of Honda parts, this cafe racer is truly a nice piece of work. Diminutive and minimalist, there is nothing here that doesn’t belong. The front end is extremely well done, mating an old-school headlight/instrument nacelle to CB200 forks with a drilled out drum, with the narrow clip-on bars setting the stage for the rest of the bike. A lengthened CB200 tank stretches back to a narrow cafe-style seat, and low-ish 2-2 pipes complete the look.

What I particularly like about this bike is that it creates a classic and minimalist cafe racer in a way that probably didn’t break the bank. Sure, stretching the tank probably cost a couple of hundred, but there isn’t anything else about this build that goes crazy from a price standpoint. And best feature by far, the brass knuckle bonded to the ignition switch. Perfect for rumbles between the rockers and the mods!!!


CB750 Cafe Racer Seat and Clubman Bars

I found this auction on eBay this morning. It includes a seat for a CB750 (no year listed) and two non-model-specific parts: clubman bars with grips and turn signals. The seat looks to be unmounted (new), but does have a few scratches in the black gelcoat. The bars and seat would make a good start to a cafe racer project if you have a CB750 sitting around that you have thought about modifying.


Cafe Racer Seat for SOHC CB750 / CB550

Update: Sorry to those of you who might have been offended by the picture that included the image of the scantily clad Rats Hole model in the photo below. It was the best side shot of the seat/bike. My GF commented, and I had thought about whether or not to post the image, but it was the best shot of the bike…

Here’s a seat that looks fairly well made and reasonably priced (given the free shipping included). The examples of the seat on finished bikes looks pretty nice.

I have to admit that posts about seats are one of the most hit pages on the blog. That and tanks. It appears that these two items (seats and tanks) are the key to cafe racers. Maybe I will try a post on clip-ons and see what happens…

Seat Rear View
Raw Seat
Seat on Complete Bike


Yamaha XS650 Cafe Racer Seat

Sorry for the sh!tty picture (it appears to be of a prototype). But the seat appears cool. I am getting more serious about finding a seat for my Sportster, as I am finding more and more examples of these types of cafe racer seats for sale. I think it might be time to try one out…

Yamaha XS650 Cafe Racer Seat