Who am I?

I am just your average, run-of-the-mill motorcyclist who happens to think cafe racers are cool. I also like writing. There you go…

I ride a 2005 Sportster that has been modded to appear somewhat cafe-like with low clip-ons, longer shocks, stiffer forks, a few power mods, and some cool aluminum foot pegs from Crossroads Perfomance.

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  1. rschilperoort on

    Keep up the good work. I really like your posts. I need to add you to my links.


  2. Ronald Reagan on

    Nice bikes, good comments, but you’re lagging..I’m looking for new stuff from you. I like your writing. You are a bit nuts building a cafe’ bike out of a Sporty..but I admire your courage.

  3. Curtis Odom on

    I am the builder/ex-owner (15 years) of that Triumph 500 Cafe Racer. It was sold off two years ago and since sold again. I would like to contact the new owner to pass on some leftover items and provide details on the bikes build. If you can setup a contact that would be nice.

  4. Jerry Rice on

    Great blog site. I share your love of the cafe racer. Ride on!

  5. Anselmo A. Peretto on

    I’ve a Sportster too! Nice bikes man!

  6. Ted on

    HA Man, thought you might like a couple of my posts at http://www.xs650chopper.com

  7. Randy on

    Great looking Cafe Racer. I’m re-building a XLCR. Do you know what type of paint is used on the motor chain and gear covers. Wrinkle, textured or? Like the site. Thanks

    • caferacers on

      No idea on the paint. Thanks for the compliment!

  8. shaundeane on

    Thanks a lot for building this site. I just bought a CB360 in excellent shape (1976) withthe intention of converting to cafe racer. I have plenty of time. no specific plans and just want to do a good job. Im looking for a nice fairing, a good seat, appropriate low bars. That would be a good start. If you can recommend where to start tracking stuff down, I would be grateful and if you like, I can keep you posted or send a photo along when done. Thanks a lot, have a good one!

    • caferacers on

      Thanks for the kind words! I’ll take a look and post something for you. And I’d love to see some pics of the bike before and after. You can keep the readers updated if you like…

  9. invincibledirigible on

    Just stumbled on your site today. I’m a huge fan of Honda CB’s and I’ve really enjoyed some of the other bikes you’ve featured on your site. Keep posting.

  10. BlueRain on

    I discovered the Cafe Racers some time ago and really like the style. At present I still own a Shadow Aero but at least I can stop in from time to time to read about the Cafe style we both like…thanks.


  11. Alan on


    My name is Alan, and I’ve recently come across your blog caferacers.wordpress.com. I’d like to feature it on our site’s home page, Motorcycle-Fairing.com. We already have a short list of Cool Blogs that we recommend to our customers, and I think yours should be included. This list is our way of giving back to our customers who have been supporting us all this time. Personally, I have found that this is a great way for people to meet and connect with others who share the same passion.

    I noticed that you have a blogroll. Do you mind putting us in that list? If you can, that would be great. Please let me know.

    I’ll look forward to your answer. Have a wonderful week and continue the great work on your blog!


    • caferacers on

      Your site isn’t loading today, but I will check it out as soon as it is up and get back to you…



  12. Marcus D on

    Do you have an email link? I have something interesting to show you about a large bike auction.

    • caferacers on

      Check your email. I have replied…

  13. jhase white on

    I am also an average guy who happens to love cafe racers, check out some of mine…

    Also my cb750ss: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=13786975&albumID=713239&imageID=33820132#a=713239&i=47481720

  14. pistachio on

    seems like all you need in L.A. these days to be cool is a beard, tight pants, and yes an old 70’s honda…….over it!!!!

  15. Quicklimegirl on

    Just read a link to your site, lots of nice stuff here.
    I too am a Cafe nut and have a garage full of RDs, an RZ and two RD350s that are modified, one pretty extreme concept Cafe too.

    The Mild One:

    The Wild One:

  16. Hard Ass on

    I’m the seller of the GB500. The high bidder bailed for reasons unknown so I bought the GB from my friend.

    I thought I was rather light on the usual legalese, and as it turned out, I was, since the high bidder weaseled out at his reserve-met bid of $4,495.

    Just lubed the chain and may take it to lunch today.

    Richmond, VA
    (it pays to have a hard ass!)

  17. Tabogon on

    I might have a realy good deal on a 82 GN400, however I am having a hard time finding any GN400 cafe style bikes or parts. (mainly the seat and rearsets) Can you point me in the right direction, or is it even worth the trouble for an apparently unsupported model?

    • caferacers on

      It sounds like you will have to do a bunch of customizing, but that’s half the fun, right? That being said, I looked at a picture of the stock bike, and it looks like it might take a lot of work.
      Stock GN400

      Then I found this bike that proves that it can be done. Best of luck if you take on the project…

  18. montieandme on

    Great blog enjoyed the read..Linda

  19. ray on

    I have a gb500 “basket case” and looking for a US based company that I can send the engine/transmission to for a complete rebuild / repaint. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  20. Sean on

    Nice site! I like the sportster project, there’s potential there, but it will take a lot of work, good luck!

  21. zrxsam on

    HI,Love this site.I own zrx1200r was aiming at a streetfighter look.Saw a great Norton in Tulsa the other day.It hit me go with the cafe style.Has anyone ever seen a zrx cafe? Thanks Sam

  22. Blaknwite on

    Great site. When it looks good it feels good. Doesnt need any further, I am with you.

  23. shawn on

    i have a 1969 honda cb 450 cafe racer the same bike on the same web site i love cafe racers!!! i must sale lost job ! paid over 4000 only has 3.600 miles call shawn at 352-812-2029

  24. Steve Gillon on

    I’m planning to cafe-ize my 2005 Sporty, and have found most of the parts I need, but haven’t found longer rear shocks. All the shocks I have found lower the rear end. What length should I use to get the rear end up, and where do I find them?

    Back in ’72 I bought an 810cc Dunstall Norton, then the worlds fastest street legal bike, and the only one that came stock with twin disks up front. Great bike, but required about 10 hours of maintenance for every hour on the road. The Sporty won’t be anywhere near as fast or agile, but I’ll spend more time on the road and less time in the garage.

  25. caferacers on

    I really, really need to do a more in-depth page about my learnings about the late-model rubber-mount Sportsters. In reply to Steve’s question about shock length, I run Progressive 15″ shocks. I believe the model number is 918. The truth is that they are probably a bit too long, but I was really trying to keep the hard parts off the pavement. Also, they are technically for the -03 or older solid mount bikes. And if you are rung a stock exhaust, you will have to trim the balance tube so the swing-arm bolt won’t hit the tip of the tube.


  26. Snow on

    Hailing from the Puget Sound. I’m cafe’ing a vintage R-Bike. Email for brainstorming.

  27. caferacers on

    What’s your email, Snow? It would be interesting to hear more about you R-project…

  28. Il Padrino on

    Great site and I too enjoy cafe racers. I recently purchased a new 08 Ducati Sport Classic 1000 Biposto and it’s the most fun I’ve had in years. Now I’ve gone a bit mad and am constantly looking for super restored cafe racers but unfortunately it seems there is much more quantity and quality in Europe as compared to the U.S. If you know of auctions or sales please let me know. Keep up the great work.

  29. sungurtekin on

    Great site my friend,
    I just got an 77 cb750, i will publish the build on my blog

    And I finished a sportster last month, it is a bobber thoug 🙂


  30. dismas070492 on

    nice blog. and great post… keep update!

    best regards from me…

  31. shawa on

    Your blog is great nice pics!
    I have had a link to your blog on mine
    If you enjoy it please do the same


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  33. Todd Kupke on

    Great site!!

    Check out our new company, should be a great resource to any Cafe Racer enthusiast: http://www.caferacerpartswest.com



  34. ron on

    This my caféracer 1974 suzuki GT750



  35. Marwinsing on

    Uah! What a wicked blog! I’m starting up all over again and dreaming of wide open roads… your site is added inspiration thank you Sir.

  36. Jonathan Morse on

    I would like to submit my Cafe Racer for consideration.

    It has been featured in Cycle World, Cafe Racer Magazine and The NY international Motorcycle show.

    Jonathan Morse
    Sag Harbor

  37. seth on

    I just stumbled across your site. Awsome” do you have any more info on the gsf600 cafe-streetfighter? I would really apreciate any info you have.

  38. james sheldon on

    hey im about to buy a honda cb750 because i found a pretty cheap one and im looking for a project. then i stumbled across your 750 project and thaught it looked pretty sweet. id be looking for a similiar style and was wondering if you had any tips for me? thanks:]

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