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  1. marc gonzalez on

    dio you have a cafe seat for a 1978 honda cb 550

  2. peter matthews on

    i have a complete slimline norton frame and forkes,ally wheels,veglia clocks,twin leading norton brake,ally oil tank,clipons,atlas engine in bits,and more,i need to sell,
    regards peter

    • caferacers on

      I don’t know where you are located, but if you aren’t going to use eBay or Craigslist to sell, send me some pics and a full description, and we’ll try it here…

  3. Jack Greenspon on

    I am 17 and building my first cafe racer. Before I begin i want to make sure i have all the parts and information i need. i have a 1973 honda cb500 four. my only question as of now is how to put all the electircal under the seat and also to just modernize the whole system. any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Sweet site.

  4. b dono on

    please tell me how i can get ahold of the guy with the slimlineframe and stuff – i’ve been looking for a project and this may be the one – tx brian

    • caferacers on

      Hi Brian,

      It would have been an eBay seller most likely. I’ll try to track down the seller, but if it sold, then that wouldn’t work. I’ll keep my eyes open for more frames like this one…


  5. peter matthews on

    hi, ive got a slimline frame and forks,swingingarm,wheels,clocks,clipons and levers,oilntank(new),twist grip type dipswitch,ring type headlamp holder,norton gearbox (in bits) atlas steel engine plates,magnito needs work),wheel rims chrome,atlas steel mudgards (need work), my no is 07770424009 e-mail rsv_r_pet@yahoo regards peter matthews ps the wheels are disk front,drum rear also have a t/l shoe front brake (norton)

  6. neggy on

    Hi all, Just came across some nice cafe racer seats on burtonbikebits, see:

  7. Cafe MotoWorks on

    Jack Greenspon,
    Check out my website,and shoot me an email, I’ll send you some photo’s of what I did to get all of the electrical under my custom seat cowl, and update the electrical system with elctronic ignition, new coils, and fuse system.

    Cafe MotoWorks

  8. Flemming Juhl on

    Hi from Denmark. I am on the net lokking for nice spacial frame biks. I have a Rickman CR 1000, and a RAU Z1000 mrk. 2. Your Rickman looks ruff, but nice. Ise it for sall ? I am lokking for a projekt. Thanks.


    Flemming Juhl
    Høskovvej 7
    8260 Viby J
    Denmark – Europa

  9. str8cb400 on

    any ideas where i can find a cb400t or cm400 cafe style seat/tail? I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t had any luck.

  10. machinegunjoe on

    Hey, I’ve got a 1990 GSXR 750 and am currently in the process of turning it into a mixture of cafe racer and street figher. I dont like the high bars and little lights of SF’s so clip ons and a nice big fat round headlight will be the go.
    Any good ideas for what to do with the muffler? A tail cut with underseat muffler could be an option…

  11. dexxx on


    Just wanted to say great blog… Ive been reading through your archives, and have learned a couple things along the way. I’m in the process of finding my first bike, which I’m hoping to make a cafe.

    Keep doing your thing, great stuff

  12. paul uk on

    lovely gb400.I have an xbr 500 thats 90 percent finished.however I am trying to obtain the chrome clock covers fitted on the gb400tt .Does anyone out there know where I can purchase them please? Thanks Paul. merseyside U.K

  13. Seth on

    I have recently become very interested in Cafe Racers and would like to either convert my current bike or try to build a new one. this may be an obscene question but astecticlly can i get away with converting an 83 virago xv750h? do the parts even exist? If not does anyone know of a good location to find an XS 650?

  14. Big Wave Dave on

    Cool site keep it going! Any time you can get advice or give it is great. I am currently working 6 1970’s Hondas and a 88 CBR600 rocket. My CB550 was the first cafe bike I built and had such a blast with it I went out and bought a few more to build. I live in SE Wisconsin and we have several cool Cafe related events in the summer here. The Slimey Crud Run – twice and the Rockerbox check into them. Milwaukee isn’t only about the “assless chaps Hardly Differant” crowd!

    Take Care,Dave

  15. Big Wave Dave on

    Sorry about the assless chaps Hardly Differant comment, but if you live where I live riding anything but a Harley
    can get you into — well words with people. I have a thing for all types of bikes HD’s too. Some of the coolest cafe bikes ever built are sitting in the HD Museum in downtown Milwaukee. Some folks need to know that if it has two wheels they are all called bikes period. OK

    Take Care,Dave

  16. Tony on

    Great site, very deep! I also love cafe racer bikes,
    all bikes norton’s, triump’s, harley to honda’s
    I am a rider (30 years) and a designer (25) years, I have spent the last year creating a NEW CAFE RACER IMAGE (copyright 2009) and a full line of CAFE RACER ART SHIRTS, and would like to indtoduce them to a few café riders. I sincerely hope you like them. They are designed for the person who loves café racers and loves to ride


    Thanks, sincerely


  17. Ambro on

    Hello fellow cafe nuts, Im a 27 year old from Eastern Nevada, I just recently have taken huge interests in cafe racers, my father is somewhat to blame as he has always been into British bikes back in the day with his old Matchless and currently with his 71 Norton Commando, BSA 500 mxer, and his 2005 Bonny! The older 2 have been masterfully cleaned up and loookin sharp by him. Anyways I am a proud soon to be owner of one of the Special Edition Triumph Thruxtons coming out right now, Im way stoked cause I heard they only made 50 and mine is due here in Nevada any day now! I am also looking into building my own racer out of a Cb750 ive noticed is a popular choice or maybe a KX750 or something along those lines. I just kind of want feedback from guys that have taken on these self rebuild adventures to get an idea of what I’m getting into. BTW, ran across this site fartn around yahoo, lovn the bikes guys! Also is it normal for a young buck like me to be interested in these type of bikes and not the normal GSXR1000 the 9 kids down the sreet have? lol

  18. Chris on

    Been following your site and I love it! Wanted to see if you’d be willing to give me your input on my CB750 Cafe Racer. I’ll be looking to sell in in the next few months and want to get your take on what it’s worth. You seem to have a good feel for the value of these things. Here is the address for pictures of the bike.
    I can give you all the specs via email if your willing.
    Thanks for a great site.

  19. Jeremy on

    aghh I hope you didn’t buy that red / white CB350 and cafe it!!

    You never cafe clean stock bikes!! It’s heresy!! You should take an old barn find that is all bastardized or in bad shape to begin with and use that as the cafe basis.

    I absolutely love cafe’s, I have a 71 350 cafe myself, but my heart weeps every time I see a nice original bike face the fate of a cafe racer 😦

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