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1975 Honda CB750 (Good Project Bike)

If you’re looking for a good starting point for a cafe racer project, this might be just the ticket. It’s being auctioned on eBay, although the price is a bit high. However, the seller is stating what needs to be done to it (wheel and steering bearings), so if you were to utilize the Best Offer function, you might be able to get the bike for well less than the $2,900 asking price. Ask questions of this 100% Feedback seller ahead of time if you have questions about anything not mentioned in the listing…

Honda CB750 1975 Cafe Racer Project 01
Honda CB750 1975 Cafe Racer Project 02
Honda CB750 1975 Cafe Racer Project 03
Honda CB750 1975 Cafe Racer Project 04

Honda CB750 SOHC Exhaust

Up for auction on eBay right now is the clean-looking exhaust for a SOHC CB750. It appears to be vintage, and the seller claims it is a high-performance part, but no verification on this unless a reader of the blog can positively ID the pipe. It’s just under $300 with 3 days left in the auction. This would make a nice pipe on just about any cafe racer project, especially one with a blacked-out theme…

Honda CB750 SOHC exhaust 01
Honda CB750 SOHC exhaust 02
Honda CB750 SOHC exhaust 03
Honda CB750 SOHC exhaust 04

Seat for CB750 (that could possibly fit a CB350)

I recently posted the black and silver CB750 shown just below this, and Kato had a question about where to find a seat like this that might fit a CB350. I have an idea, but I doubt it will be a direct bolt on for a 350. So right below this paragraph is the original bike, and then continue on for the seats.

So in looking at that seat, I think I have found either the exact seat, or something pretty close. However, I suspect it might be a bit too long for the CB350.Here’s the specs, and then just below this I have posted a link in each photo to three of the Giuliari seats posted by the same seller on eBay. Each seat is slightly different and in a slightly different state of wear and tear, so please check each out in detail before bidding. And if anyone has any other ideas for Kato (or comments on these seats) please let us know…




1974 Honda CB750 SOHC Cafe Racer

Here we have a cafe racer based on a 1974 Honda CB750 that has so much going right, and then a few things going a bit wrong. But before I get into that, I’ve got to say that it is for sale in a no-reserve auction, and the price is low right now, so keep that in mind.

First things first, the tank is sweet. Seller claims its heritage as having come from Carpy, which means it’s a choice piece of kit. It certainly looks nice, and is the nicest single thing on the bike. I also like the front end of the bike, with the clip-ons and large headlight creating that classic cafe silhouette. However, I’m not sure about the key mount. It seems like it could be simpler, but what do I know. And I like the seat, I think it just needs to be remounted a bit.

Overall, a decent cafe racer with some nice parts that just needs a few finishing touches (and some rear-sets (see the post from yesterday for some appropriate foot controls)). But with 5 days left in the auction and no reserve, it will be interesting to see what the auction closes at, and how much this bike is actually worth…


1978 Honda CB750 SOHC

Here’s a nice bike to start a cafe project. It’s a 1978 CB750 that is in running condition, although the carbs do need to be gone through. It might even be a good candidate for a restoration. However, it would be a lot more fun to throw a nice cafe seat on there, some clip-ons, and rear-sets. Price is right compared to some of the beat on CB750s that come up for sale on eBay. It will be interesting to see what the auction ends at…


810 Big Bore Kit for SOHC CB750 (Used)

Being auctioned on eBay right now is the big bore kit for the SOHC CB750. It’s an 810cc kit with new rings, and the seller claims the pistons and pins are in good shape. It might be a nice way to wake up your cb750 cafe racer if the motor is getting a bit tired…


CB750 Gas Tank (SOHC, I think)

This interesting gas tank appeared on eBay, and it’s had a small mod done to it that really makes it stand out. While it is a stock tank (so it will mount easily and perfectly), the seller has put two fairly good looking knee indents into the tank. They appear to be symmetrical, and the tank doesn’t show any rust in the third photo. Ask questions of the seller if you have any…

I think this is for the SOHC models of the CB750 (1969-1978?), but I would advise checking this out before purchasing.


1978 CB750 SOHC Project?

When you think about stinkin’ fast Japanese cafe racers, the CB750 certainly comes to mind as one of the easiest to create. Parts are readily available, the motors can be built up to good horsepower levels, and a fully modified CB750 cafe racer is the real deal.

I found this bike on eBay, and although it is a bit expensive at a starting price of $1,400, it appears to be rust free (it’s in California). If Comstar wheels are your thing, this one comes with them. And it has a non-vintage look exhaust that could probably be sold to help amortize the cost of the project. Lots of miles and a non-1978 tank, but pretty clean for all of that…


Cafe Racer Seat for SOHC CB750 / CB550

Update: Sorry to those of you who might have been offended by the picture that included the image of the scantily clad Rats Hole model in the photo below. It was the best side shot of the seat/bike. My GF commented, and I had thought about whether or not to post the image, but it was the best shot of the bike…

Here’s a seat that looks fairly well made and reasonably priced (given the free shipping included). The examples of the seat on finished bikes looks pretty nice.

I have to admit that posts about seats are one of the most hit pages on the blog. That and tanks. It appears that these two items (seats and tanks) are the key to cafe racers. Maybe I will try a post on clip-ons and see what happens…

Seat Rear View
Raw Seat
Seat on Complete Bike


Seeley CB750 SOHC Frame (and other stuff)

What’s my deal? Another project bike. But this one is way cooler!

I used to race in one of AHRMA’s modern bike classes (Formula 3 Twins), but I always wanted to race a cool classic bike. This would sure make a cool start to an AHRMA project!

Although the frame is the cool piece of kit in this auction, I really like the tank! I want to do something like that for my sportster, but I haven’t prioritized that high enough in my budget to do so…

And did you notice that I used the word “cool” three times in three paragraphs? Doh!

Seeley CB750