Raask Rearsets for 1970-1984 BMW Boxers

Got a BMW airhead you’re trying to modify into a cafe racer? Here’s just the ticket for getting your feet into the right position. Some used Raask rearsets have come up for auction on eBay, and they are ending soon. The controls are at $272 with 7 hours left, and they appear to be in good condition.

The seller claims these will fit the BMW R (Airhead) models from 1970-1984. I’m no expert on BMW bikes in general, but I did a little research and these should fit (at a minimum) the /5, /6, and /7 R series. The Raask website is really no help, but it does cut off the fitment at 1980. Perhaps the frames are similar up until 1984 and they’ll fit. If anyone knows for sure, chime in and let us know.


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  1. Bob Pitt on

    I recently bought a second hand set of Raask rearsets for my 1981 BMW R100RS, which I am currently attempting to fit.

    The crucial difference I have found thus far between the pre 1981 and post 1981 models is that the brake lever actuater shaft prior to 1981 was 17mm whereas from 1981 to 1984 it was 15mm. This is the bit that goes through the lug hole shown in the photo just below the swinging arm nut and immediately in front of the rearsets back plate. The bush fitted for the standard lever will need removing from the lug hole first so it would be a good idea to tap a hole and fit a grease nipple to prevent seizure. Hope this helps someone!

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