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2004 Triumph Bonneville T100 Cafe Racer

I know that I just posted another T100 that has gone through a cafe conversion, but I found this one and I really, really like it. While the lack of clubman bars or clip-ons is somewhat disconcerting, I buy the seller/builder’s explanation that these Norman Hyde M-bars are just plain more comfortable. And given the decent spec of the rest of the kit on the bike, I think we can forgive him that. And the overall look of the bike is just smokin’!

Some of the cool stuff on the bike includes the upgraded front and rear suspension, the horsepower upgrades (carbs and pipes specifically), and the overall low key cosmetic changes (seat, bars, and rear-sets). You can check out the listing for more details.

Currently, the auction is around $3,500 with just under 6 days left. This is an extremely well built bike with some top quality kit that will make the winner of the auction very happy. I think I will have to post a follow up after the close of the auction to see where it ends up…

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2005 Triumph Bonneville T100 Cafe Racer

Here’s a fairly unique motorcycle due to the modifications it has received. According to the seller, it started its current life as a salvaged-titled 2005 Bonneville T100. However, it has undergone a lot of modifications which make it fairly unique for such a late-model Triumph.

First up and most obvious on the list of modifications are the polished alloy seat and tank. These are both very nice looking pieces that are supposedly from The Tank Shop in the UK. I personally think that the seat could have been made slightly shorter and the bike would look a bit better, but that’s personal opinion only.

Next up are those cool mufflers slung under the bike. From D&D, they supposedly help the bike achieve 58 WHP on the dyno with carb jetting being done as well.

Lastly, the suspension appears to have been gone through with the addition of a longer set of ultra cool shocks with reservoirs. The front end has been fully Race-Teched with the addition of springs and gold-valve emulators. Overall the bike is about 2 inches higher off the ground with better sorted suspension all around. I have done something similar to my own motorcycle, and it really makes a huge difference in the handling.

The long and the short of it is that this is a nicely built cafe racer that should handle the twisties nicely while providing a reliable ride what with it being built in 2005. If you can live with the fact it’s been salvage titled (and if you think you can get it registered in your state), consider bidding on this bike. The current price is $3K with 2 days left and four bidders…

triumph bonneville t100 2005 cr 01
triumph bonneville t100 2005 cafe racer 02
triumph bonneville t100 2005 cafe racer 03
triumph bonneville t100 2005 cafe racer 05