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2006 Suzuki SV650S Street Fighter

You might remember one of the few street fighters I’ve posted over the last year. They’ve been few and far between. In large part that’s because most street fighters here in America suck. They’re just wrecked sportbikes with a 12 o’clock bar bolted on.

I found this bike on eBay today, and I really like most of it. The custom black paint (covering up a crash no doubt) looks really nice (Shiny shiny!). It’s got some cool Buell headlights on it. I like the 5.5″ rear wheel conversion. Overall, a nice conversion of a wrecked SVS.

What’s not to like? That crazy flyscreen and vertically mounted instrument panel. Maybe the thing won’t run without the stock instruments, but that has got to go. That’s it. Cool bike otherwise. A modern day cafe racer…


SV650 Cafe Racer – Modern Interpretation

So this isn’t just slapping a set of clip-ons or clubman bars on a wrecked SV650S. This is a great conversion into something unique that I’ve never seen before.

Key highlights for me are the spoked wheels and the dual high pipes. It clearly has a very modern flavor to it, but I think that is alright. This is a great interpretation of the cafe racer concept, and I really like it!

SV650 Cafe Racer