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1967 Suzuki 250 Hustler Project Bike (No papers and more!!!)

Up on eBay right now is this really eye-catching Suzuki 250 project bike. All was well until I read that it has no papers. And then I read that the motor has no numbers on it. And then I read that the frame is missing numbers, too! If you have a way around this little problem, this is a really nice looking bike that needs a lot of work to be completed.

If you are actually interested in this bike, a couple of highlights are the Triumph twin-leading shoe brake and the new expansion chambers included in the sale. If you couldn’t figure out from the title of this post or the first paragraph, I’m a bit hesitant because of the lack of title-ability of the motorcycle. But maybe the VIN is just hidden under paint and/or powdercoat? Iffy at best…


Nice Fiberglass Cafe Racer Seat on eBay

I found this nice-looking cafe racer seat on eBay this afternoon. There’s only a couple of hours left though. Hopefully, the seller will repost it again…

Specs: seat is 8 1/2″ wide at front, 9 1/2 wide at hump, 28″ long, seat area is 16″ long


Nice, cleaner, Suzuki T500

To make up for the flamed-out T500 I posted the other day, here is a nice semi-clean example of the Titan that is currently up for auction on eBay. It’s a 1975 model, with approximately 8.5K miles on it. It isn’t in perfect shape, but as the basis for a cafe racer build up it would be great. I really want to try building up one of these, and I will after I figure out if I’ve got the chops to do a great job with the SL350 project…


1974 Suzuki T500 Titan

I really like this bike. I’ve been looking at the T500 for a while, thinking that it might make a great cafe racer that isn’t your run-of-the-mill Honda twin or four, and this seems like a good candidate. It is being sold for a friend, so be sure to ask the right questions of the seller. I think the seller needs to have the keys handy so he can comment on its ability to start up. But on the face of it, this looks like a nice bike…


Guy builds a cheap cafe racer, and then he dances…

Here’s a little video of a guy building a cheap cafe racer (<$500 supposedly). Stick around for the end. He dances…

27 Minutes and 33 Seconds of your life…

My new project (maybe)…

I’ve been thinking about a new bike when I start working again. Something good for a shorter commute than I used to have. Something like the new-to-America Suzuki TU250. Something that could be easily be the basis of a cafe racer project. Hear me out.

Below is a picture of the TU250 in stock form. And below that is the picture of a nicely modified Tu250. See the difference? I think it be great to have a nice, classic-looking bike that has a warranty and gets something north of 60mpg. And the project wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. The bike has an MSRP of only $3.5K.


Suzuki GSF600 Cafe Fighter

I’ve posted a couple of street fighters before, but here is one that splits the difference between street fighter and cafe racer quite nicely. Based on a GSF600 Bandit post-tip-over, this bike brings a bit of classic cafe styling to a modern-ish bike with current suspension, wheels/tires, and brakes. Nice details abound, from the paint job to the fuel filler cap, and it looks like the whole bike was done with an eye on a clean finished product.

Although I wish the seller well in his bid to get $8,500 for the bike, I think he will have better luck with the Best Offer feature in his listing. I’ll be sure to do a “How Much Was It Worth?” post after the sale…


Homemade CafĂ© Racer Seat (CB750 or ???)

Here’s a pretty cool homemade cafe racer seat. Made with a steel pan, it should be plenty strong regardless of what bike it is on or how it is mounted. The riveted and polished aluminum rear cowl is a nice touch. Better yet, you can tell your friends you made it yourself!

Currently at $76 on eBay with about 4 hours left…


That’s a really nice bike, but how much?!?!?

UPDATE: I did a little research, and visited the seller’s website: The price is just over $3K. Whew!

There are actually a lot of really cool bikes for sale. Check it out…

This is one of the nicest cafe racers up on eBay right now, but WTF is up with the price? I get trying to use eBay as a lead generation tool. I don’t get putting a $100K price tag on a 1972 Suzuki done up as a cafe racer.

Am I missing something? Can someone please explain? Or at least let me know what the bike is really worth?


1967 Suzuki X-6 Hustler Cafe Racer

Here is a mostly stock 1967 Suzuki X-6 Hustler. It appears that the only mod is the clubman bars. The owner seems to be honest about the condition, noting the fidgety transmission and the fact that the bike isn’t perfect.

I really like the Japanese bikes from this era. The shape of the tanks and the molded headlight nacelles (like the X-6 or the Honda Dream) mark this period and were consistent design cues within the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers in the 1960’s.

There’s only a few hours left on this auction (actually a Buy-It-Now or Best Offer), so hopefully this bike goes to a good home. If I still lived in Ohio, this would be within pick-up distance for me…

1967 Suzuki X-6 Hustler Cafe Racer