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Seeley Frame, Seat, and Tank for the Honda CB750

Below are pictures of a Seeley frame, seat, and tank for a Honda CB750 up for sale on eBay. Colin Seeley put these kits into production between 1975 and 1978. If you go to the Seeley Honda registery linked here, then you will see that bike SH7/505 S is listed third in the registry as a racing model. And due to its low serialization, I will hazard a guess that it is designed for early model-year CB750 parts.

In doing research on the Seeley frames, found this link here to a Seeley forum entry regarding someone who had bought a frame from the eBay seller listing this item. Here’s what I would do if I were going to bid on this frame. I would email the guy in the forum listing, and I would email the guy who’s selling the bike on eBay. I would ask questions, and I would hold off bidding if the eBay seller doesn’t return your message.

Regardless, this would be a cool build-up of a CB750 into a cafe racer for either racing or street (depending on how stringent your DMV is). I think I will do a post about safe eBay buying habits soon.