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Cheap Motorcycle Project/Model

Usually, the bikes I post have an ending price in the four digit range. I know, I know. $1K is chump change to the readers of this blog. I insult you by even implying that something cheap(er) would be good. But maybe I am just thinking of myself, trying to get by in this recessionary world, but still wanting to have fun with motorcycles.

Be that as it may, I found this really nice project bike on eBay. It’s a Yamaha RD250LC in 1/15th scale, and it should take you a lot less time to complete than a 1/1 scale motorcycle project. The seller has good feedback, so it looks like it should be a safe transaction…


1972 Yamaha DS7 250cc

This is a really nice, completely stock precursor to the famed RD series of motorcycles. I almost feel bad posting it, because to start chopping at this bike is going to ruin a well-kept example of a bike from the early 1970s. There isn’t much to write about this one since it has no modifications. There are a couple of dents in the tanks, and in one of the photos you can just see the battery acid damage to one of the pipes.

My friend Paul has estimated a reserve price somewhere between $1200 to $1500. Good luck bidding on this…