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Honda CB Oil Cooler

So you’ve got a Honda CB that you’ve converted into a cafe racer? And you’ve got it pumped up with a big bore kit or a jet and pipe combo? Or maybe you just ride it like you stole it?

I found this oil cooler on eBay that will help your motor stay cool and survive for the long haul. And it’s vintage NOS for that proper look. It won’t work on my SL350 twin, so I will have to find another solution and leave the bidding to everyone else. It’s currently at $76, with just over a day left in the auction.


There is a big puddle of oil…

…underneath my bike. Arggghhh!!!

I think it is time for a strip-down of the whole thing. I guess this is a sign that the KTM has to be running. There must be some kind of leak from the oil tank. No other reason for oil to be leaking from the rear portion o fthe chassis of which I can think. Wish I had some more money or time. Oh wait! I have time! Now for the money… 😦

Want to ride…

Tonight I am going to change the oil in my Sportster. Hopefully that cures the rattling sound I am hearing. I’m thinking that I am hearing noisy lifters due to old/low oil.

It’s been a while since I’ve ridden other than delivering the bike from my old house to my new house. I miss it terribly. Being a cage driver is really getting to me. The amount of time I’ve spent stopped in traffic is countable in hours.

If the noise is still there after the oil change, I suppose I will have to get my KTM running so I am out of the cage. Then it will be time for a full engine rebuild in the Sporty. Ah, the life of a motorcycle commuter…