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1976 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans

Sorry for the break from the blog, but I was busy. What can I say?

Up for auction right now on eBay is this really clean, pretty-but-not-truly-restored, Le Mans 850. It has almost 40K miles on it, but the odometer reads only 14K. The suspension is upgraded, and the engine has some upgraded electronics, so it should be a great ride once the carbs are gone through. Cosmetically, I like the bike overall, but I’m not a fan of Corbin seats (looks or sitting on them). The seller admits the bikes current issues and shortcomings in the listing, so if you are interested, click through and check them out.

There are 4 days left in the auction, with one bidder and the price currently at $5K. This seems like a decent bike that could use a good home, but the price seems like it might be a bit on the high side.

(From the seller’s listing)
– Body work repainted to original design pattern
– Stainless fasteners
– Stainless braided brake lines thru out
– Dyna III electronic ignition and dyna coils
– 38mm Marzocchi strada front end, make the bike very stable at high speed
– NOS Marzocchi rear shocks (wow!)
– Agostini rear sets
– Corbin seat is very comfortable on long rides
– BUB exhaust system
– ‘Square’ type front brake reservoir and lever makes it stop like a modern bike

moto guzzi 850 le mans 1976 01
moto guzzi 850 le mans 1976 02
moto guzzi 850 le mans 1976 03
moto guzzi 850 le mans 1976 04

MotoGP at Laguna Seca

So I have a chance to go to Laguna Seca. Possibly with a press pass. How cool its that? My girlfriend might get to go too.


That is the last weekend before my house sells at auction due to foreclosure. How much does that suck!?!?

I am thinking that I should spend that weekend making sure that the house is empty and I haven’t left anything behind. Almost everything is moved at this point. The only big things I have to move are some large pots. The plants are dead now, but the pots might be able to hold something else.

I really want to go to the MotoGP. I went in ’05. But maybe this time isn’t right…

Custom 1975 Moto Guzzi 850 Cafe Racer

There’s several good cafe racers I found recently listed on eBay when I searched today. This one stood out as being an affordable example of one that could be ridden daily. The aluminum tank is sweet, even though it has a welded-in patch. I just really like the overall look the bike, and Guzzi’s aren’t a bike you see every day.

Guzzi Cafe Racer