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1956/1966 BMW R-Series Hybrid Cafe Racer

This is an interesting and beautiful bike: the chassis is from 1956 and the engine is from 1966. The 1966 R69S motor was taken out of another bike owned by the builder (according to the eBay listing), and the current state of the bike has stayed the same since it was originally put together. The current seller has done nothing to it, so I don’t know if they got a smoking deal or what, but this thing isn’t going cheap. Current price is over $7K, and Buy-It-Now is over $10K, with about 14 hours left.

Seller claims it runs, but I mostly just posted this bike because of the looks. Definitely not your standard everyday cafe racer…

bmw r-series hybrid 1956 1966 AA01
bmw r-series hybrid 1956 1966 AA02
bmw r-series hybrid 1956 1966 AA03
bmw r-series hybrid 1956 1966 AA04
bmw r-series hybrid 1956 1966 AA05

Idea = Win / Execution = Fail

Here’s a bike into which somebody has put a fair amount of time and effort. It’s a 1975 Honda CL360 that has a Ninja 250 motor stuffed into it. Stuffed is probably the wrong word, as the motor itself appears to fit quite nicely in the frame. Stuffed might apply to a Ninja 500 or 650 motor stuffed into the frame. But I digress…

The idea seen here is kind of unique for the cafe racer scene. Stuff a quarter-liter late-model liquid-cooled engine in a fairly small bike, and then you’ll have a bike that screams like a banshee, but probably isn’t much (if any) faster than the original. In fact, the Ninja motor probably puts out less horsepower and torque than an in-tune CL/CB360/350 motor. But boy would this surprise anyone who happened to hear it scream by. The idea equals a potential win. And another plus: rear-sets!

The execution, however, is a fail. I think this is mainly driven by two things. First off, a simple driveway tip-over is going to crush the hell out of that radiator hung out over the side of the bike. Ouch. Secondly, the muffler. Aesthetics and ground clearance. Enough said…