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Interesting Fairing For Vintage-Look Cafe Racer

UPDATE: The fairing has 27 minutes left, and it is above $250! Who woulda thunk it? Not me. Oh well, guess I won’t be bidding…


Up on eBay today is this very cool looking fairing. If you want something different from your standard naked cafe racer, this might be just the ticket. The seller seems to be pretty honest with his description (includes mention of a few scratches and the dimensional specs), but he or she really needs to be better about their shipping costs. It’s a really interesting product, but I’d be wary of the price of getting it delivered to your place…

Two days left in the auction and the fairing is at about $75.


1963 Honda Superhawk Cafe Racer, Kind Of…

Not quite a frankenbike, but definitely a creative amalgam of Honda parts, this cafe racer is truly a nice piece of work. Diminutive and minimalist, there is nothing here that doesn’t belong. The front end is extremely well done, mating an old-school headlight/instrument nacelle to CB200 forks with a drilled out drum, with the narrow clip-on bars setting the stage for the rest of the bike. A lengthened CB200 tank stretches back to a narrow cafe-style seat, and low-ish 2-2 pipes complete the look.

What I particularly like about this bike is that it creates a classic and minimalist cafe racer in a way that probably didn’t break the bank. Sure, stretching the tank probably cost a couple of hundred, but there isn’t anything else about this build that goes crazy from a price standpoint. And best feature by far, the brass knuckle bonded to the ignition switch. Perfect for rumbles between the rockers and the mods!!!