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Seat for CB750 (that could possibly fit a CB350)

I recently posted the black and silver CB750 shown just below this, and Kato had a question about where to find a seat like this that might fit a CB350. I have an idea, but I doubt it will be a direct bolt on for a 350. So right below this paragraph is the original bike, and then continue on for the seats.

So in looking at that seat, I think I have found either the exact seat, or something pretty close. However, I suspect it might be a bit too long for the CB350.Here’s the specs, and then just below this I have posted a link in each photo to three of the Giuliari seats posted by the same seller on eBay. Each seat is slightly different and in a slightly different state of wear and tear, so please check each out in detail before bidding. And if anyone has any other ideas for Kato (or comments on these seats) please let us know…




Honda CB750 SOHC Replica Giuliari Seat

I have to admit (before you read any further) that I am putting this seat in the blog as much because of the bike in the example pics provided by the seller than as for the seat itself. That is a really beautiful bike! That’s it. I’m not saying anything more about the bike.

If you are into fully covered seats, though, this is a really nice Giuliari-styled replica. I personally like a cafe seat with the rear section uncovered, but that is just me. This looks like a nicely done piece of work, and they have various brackets and what-not available as well.


Cafe Racer Seat for Honda CB750

For your perusal, oh ye lovers of cafe racers (and CB750’s)…

One bolt on motorcycle seat in the cafe style for 1969-1976 Honda CB750’s. Made by Giuliari in Italy. Appears to be in great condition. This seems like a no-brainer add-on for anyone who wants to start their cafe conversion…

Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Seat - Bike Pic
Cafe Racer Seat Honda CB750