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1989 Honda GB500 Cafe Racer

I debated about posting this 1989 Honda GB500. It is absolutely a cafe racer, but it isn’t one of the classic bikes or home-brewed specials that usually get posted. It appears to be completely stock and in great condition, but it does have about 42K miles on it.

The seller of the bike is some kind of classic car guy who probably has the bike on consignment from the owner. The listing has lots of pictures, some description, and so much legalese that it makes the seller look like a hard ass. So if you decide to bid, read the fine print very carefully. The auction has about 1 day left with 15 bidders and a current price of $4,350 (reserve not yet). It does have a Buy-It-Now of $5,995, which seems a bit high given the mileage on the bike. It’s a nice bike and amazingly clean given the relatively high number of miles.

honda gb500 cafe racer 03
honda gb500 cafe racer 01
honda gb500 cafe racer 04
honda gb500 cafe racer 02
honda gb500 cafe racer 05

1987 Honda GB400 TT Special Edition

While not a classic bike in the traditional sense, the Honda GB has always had something of a cult following. It was a cafe-looking bike that came with modern Honda reliability (not that Honda has ever produced particularly unreliable bikes). However, relative poor selling numbers in the US meant that the model never stuck around.

In other parts of the world, though, more versions of the bike were available and for more years. This particular bike, a 1987 Honda GB400 TT Special Edition, is currently for sale in Sydney, NSW, Australia, and appears to be a very clean bike. It isn’t stock, as the seat and paint have been changed, but nothing too weird has been done to the mechanicals. All in all, it should make the new owner of the bike very happy.