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1972 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer (Dunstall parts?)

You remember that Wendy’s ad with the old lady? “Parts is parts!” I have found the modern equivalent of that ad translated into the world of cafe racers. I found this bike on eBay, and I’m not sure why it has a starting bid of $3,500. No photo actually shows a complete bike. I think the best photo is actually the one with the tree in it. I’m sure the sum of these parts might be worth $3.5K if the bike was completed, but given the varying states of completion in the photos, it is hard to tell what is the current state of the bike. I like the gas tank, but wonder what the fairing will look like on the bike.


Interesting Fairing For Vintage-Look Cafe Racer

UPDATE: The fairing has 27 minutes left, and it is above $250! Who woulda thunk it? Not me. Oh well, guess I won’t be bidding…


Up on eBay today is this very cool looking fairing. If you want something different from your standard naked cafe racer, this might be just the ticket. The seller seems to be pretty honest with his description (includes mention of a few scratches and the dimensional specs), but he or she really needs to be better about their shipping costs. It’s a really interesting product, but I’d be wary of the price of getting it delivered to your place…

Two days left in the auction and the fairing is at about $75.


My new project (maybe)…

I’ve been thinking about a new bike when I start working again. Something good for a shorter commute than I used to have. Something like the new-to-America Suzuki TU250. Something that could be easily be the basis of a cafe racer project. Hear me out.

Below is a picture of the TU250 in stock form. And below that is the picture of a nicely modified Tu250. See the difference? I think it be great to have a nice, classic-looking bike that has a warranty and gets something north of 60mpg. And the project wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. The bike has an MSRP of only $3.5K.


Buell Releases New 1125CR

So Buell has now got a new iteration of the kick-ass 1125R. With actual clubman bars and a small bikini-faring to go with the (some might say massive) cooling pods, the new Buell 1125CR looks to be a bike that can easily hang with other street-fighter-esque machines such as the Aprilia Tuono or the Triumph Speed Triple. There has been no downgrades on the spec sheet that I could find, so it should be as light and powerful as the R model. I can’t wait to see one of these in person.
So I am on the Sportster Cafe Racer mailing list, and the overall consensus seems to be that the bike is fugly. Is this true?!?!? I think it is a good looking bike, and certainly places function at the forefront of its design ethic. On the other hand, if enough people (read “potential buyers”) think it is ugly personified, then perhaps I can pick one up at the end of the season for a steal… 😉

Buell 1125CR