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1977 Harley-Davidson XLCR (Daily Rider)

Unlike most of the Harley-Davidson XLCRs that come up for sale, this one is actually a daily rider (or at least that’s what the seller claims). But who are we to doubt this claim? And why would anyone claim that if it weren’t true?

Overall, it is a relatively clean bike, although it does have some indications of the fact it is no trailer queen. A few chips on the gas tank, road grime, and a reasonably used look are all indicators of this. But maybe the reserve is set lower than some of the other XLCRs that have been appearing on eBay lately. And you wouldn’t have to feel too bad about buying this bike and then riding it a bunch more…


1970 Honda CB350

I found this Honda CB350 on eBay, and I almost think I shouldn’t be posting it here. It is really nice as is. It isn’t restored per se, it is just in really good condition.

That being said, it would make a really good basis for a cafe racer project. Just think, you could start with a clean motorcycle, not some rusted out garage find that will take a month of elbow grease just to get it prepped for the build (let alone start attaching cool parts to it like a seat or rear-sets). And you could ride it before starting the tear-down. And maybe, just maybe, you would decide not to convert it as it is too nice for that…

The Detroit Brothers Sportster Is For Sale Again?!?!?

How many times am I going to find this bike for sale on eBay? About 3 or 4 apparently…

I’m a little bit suspicious of this bike being for sale again. The seller gives some kind of light-weight explanation of the reason for the resale — “I won the Detroit Brothers Cafe Racer #26 from James about a month ago on ebay. I just want to go in a different direction.” Whatever.

If you are bidding on this bike, please do some My Messaging with the seller and with James from Detroit Brothers to try and track this bike down. I would hate for anyone to end up getting scammed…


1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer (Kinda Old School)

Up for auction on eBay right now is this semi-finished 1973 Honda CB750 cafe racer conversion. There are definitely aspects to this bike that I really like. It has kind of a Zero Engineering feel to it, what with the old school look of the front end and the white grips. But it seems like maybe the bike needs a few more weekends before trying to get a premium for it on eBay. The seller did lower his original Buy-It-Now price, but I think he might have difficulty reaching either that or his also lowered reserve price. Read the sellers description if you are interested, because there are a few things wrong. I’m still trying to find the muffler(s), as they seem to be missing…


1972 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer (Dunstall parts?)

You remember that Wendy’s ad with the old lady? “Parts is parts!” I have found the modern equivalent of that ad translated into the world of cafe racers. I found this bike on eBay, and I’m not sure why it has a starting bid of $3,500. No photo actually shows a complete bike. I think the best photo is actually the one with the tree in it. I’m sure the sum of these parts might be worth $3.5K if the bike was completed, but given the varying states of completion in the photos, it is hard to tell what is the current state of the bike. I like the gas tank, but wonder what the fairing will look like on the bike.


CB550 Cafe Racer Seats

Marc posted a comment on the blog asking if I had any CB550 cafe racer style seats for sale. I don’t personally sell anything. I just find cool stuff and post it for all of us who love cafe racers to look at. So, I googled, and here’s what I found. As usual, I don’t sell it, I just find it…

It was interesting that Marc asked about CB550, because I’ve been getting a ton of traffic from CB550 searches. Not sure why the sudden interest, but seats in general are one of the top things I blog about. I suppose it is because the seat is really, at the end of the day, what distinguishes a cafe racer from a bike that simply has clip-ons or clubmans thrown on it.

CB550 Cafe Seat at

CB550 Cafe Seat at

Cb550 Cafe Seat on eBay

Cb550 Cafe Seat on eBay

Cool eBay Store I found…

Surfin’ around tonight, and I found this store. It has an interesting mix of parts, collectibles, patches/pins, etc., all of which might interest a classic bike rider or cafe racer owner. Good feedback percentage, and lots of miscellaneous kinds of parts…

So you say you want to buy a cafe racer?!?!?

For those of us that can’t afford a full size steel/aluminum/rubber cafe racer, here’s an alternative. I know I can’t afford a real bike, so maybe this is what I should be buying?

Please see the thumb in the second picture to understand the scale of this fine, motoring machine… 😉

About $20 including shipping on eBay right now…


1965 Benelli 125 Cafe Racer (with title!)

Wow! A 44 year old motorcycle with a title! That is reason enough to post it…

Up on eBay right now is this Montgomery Wards 1965 Benelli 125 that has been cafe’d. I think I posted it before, but it is a reasonably nice bike to buy as a regular ride without worrying about whether or not your jacket scratches the tank while you are riding it. It has all the necessary cafe conversion stuff done to it, it has a title, but the seller won’t say if it runs or not (see below for a quote). It does need some clean-up work, and the footpegs/rearsets should be redone/fixed. The price is reasonable right now (2d 8h left), and it’s within driving distance of my house, but now that I am working again, I got to catch up before buying anything…

“Have you tried to start it?
I have not tried to start it. When placed in storage the fuel was drained from the tank. I have kicked the bike and it turns over just fine.
I am staying away from the bike because I know once I get it started I will ride it and not want to sell.”

Upon further inspection (pics included below), this bike needs LOTS of help with the foot pegs and shifter/brake pedal. Be aware before you bid…


There it is!!!

There it is!!!

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him…

It is in an anonymous conference room I sit as I write this. I am waiting for a team meeting to start. It will be my last team meeting.

It is official. I am moving on. No more thinking about Buyers and Sellers. No more Motors. No more sampling.

Gotta go. The gang’s all here, and now the fun begins…