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1979 Honda CB750 DOHC Cafe Racer

Up for auction on eBay is this nicely done CB750 cafe racer. It’s got a couple of fairly unique features that I really like: the seat and the taillights. If you could throw a rock and hit a cafe racer (not an easy task in most places, although their popularity does seem to be on the uptick), it would most likely have your standard humped cafe racer style seat. This bike has a non-standard looking seat that certainly gives the look of a cafe racer, but doesn’t do it in the standard way. And then it’s got the dual taillights that are vaguely styled after VFR1000 units from the mid-eighties but have the nice chrome rings added. The tank, which appears to be a stock DOHC CB750 tank, has been modified with knee indents and a great paint job. Rearsets are provided by a modern CBR. All in all, a great cafe conversion of a DOHC CB750.

What’s not to like? Not much. A simple readjustment of the bars. And a fix of the jetting and valve-cover gasket oil leak. The seller seems to be honest with his assessments of the negative points, but the listing doesn’t really have too much detail in it. There’s a few more pictures in the listing, but not much else. Good luck if you bid for this neat bike!

honda cb750 1979 dohc cafe racer 02
honda cb750 1979 dohc cafe racer 01
honda cb750 1979 dohc cafe racer 03

1981 Honda CB750 DOHC Cafe Racer

I believe this is the latest model CB750 I’ve posted that’s been converted into a cafe racer. What’s interesting and nice about this bike is the addition of 2003 GSXR forks. I believe they came off a 600 since they aren’t male slider (USD) forks. Overall, a fairly unique build if just because of that. It also has a nice alternative speedo on it with the Vapor computer.

This bike is one of the more reasonable examples of the CB750 that has appeared on eBay. The Buy-It-Now is about $2,500, while the auction price is currently at $1,625 with 3 days left. Interesting bike…