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1969 Honda CB450 Cafe Racer

Up on eBay right now is this super nice 1969 Honda CB450 Cafe Racer. The seller did such a good job of describing, that I just cut and paste all the factoids below. I really appreciate the fact that the seller was honest with the comfort factor (it isn’t) since so often eBay sellers neglect to inform…


The bike is a 1969 Honda CB450 with 3,160 miles on it. Bike has had many upgrades, while the perfect running engine has remained stock.
The front end is modified with Cb750 F forks and tubes with CB550 triple trees and new roller bearings.
The rear suspension is gas dampening adjustable with preload adjustment and raised 1.5″ to lower rake and trail. A custom fork brace was made (you can’t buy one of the shelf for this hybrid front end) and looks great while really making the front end for so much more confident. The bike handles great with this suspension and setup.
The headlight is a custom fiberglass bucket with built in tachometer (1974 CB550 tach used as its larger but still has same ratio). The bike has no speedometer in the pictures but uses a digital setup similar to a bicycle computer as to not be visually obtrusive.
The handle bar switches have been replaced with a smaller unit as there are no longer turn signals on the bike (legally not needed, and a commonly removed item when cleaning up the looks and making the bike lighter).
The tail light is a 1930’s replica English design.
Exhaust is custom made and is full 304 stainless steel. Complete system is less then half the weight of the original but is also much louder.
Tires are matched Avon Road Riders.
The seat was hand made from a sheet metal and also is much lighter then the stock seat. Padding is around 1″ and was modeled off of what these bikes used in their prime when modified to “cafe racer” duty.
Bike has electric and kick start. Paint is House of Kolor raspberry pearl (very close to original candy color but is urethane base, clear coat. Color is much more beautiful then pictures let on to.
*******the engine cases and cam covers have been polished since the pictures*******

*******the drive chain has also been replaced since the pictures*********
This bike would make a great addition to your collection and displays the style that was popular back in its day. Please email to setup time to view this beauty. Bike is very rideable but not necessarily comfortable. This should be noted so that the new owner is happy with their new addition. Riding the bike an hour at a time isn’t out of the question, but longer rides will make you ache, and want to get on your cruiser. Then after you see 5 cruisers just like yours or hit the curves, you’ll want back on this one!

The "before" shot... Nice work!

1961 Aermacchi 250 Cafe Racer (Reposted again (otherwise titled “An Open Letter To Lossa Engineering))

Dear Lossa Engineering,

I believe this is at least the second time this bike has been posted on eBay for sale. I wrote about it before, but apparently that did not help enough as it didn’t sell back in December. Although I no longer work at eBay, I will hazard a guess that your reserve is too high. I once posted about a bike that had an opening price of $100K, but that didn’t work out so well for the seller.

I really appreciate all that you have done to this bike, but perhaps the price is too high for eBay? I’m not sure what it costs to build such an awesome bike as this (Click here to see previous post). However, I am sure it is quite a lot. It is an awesome bike, but I need some new material to blog about. Perhaps you could lower the reserve a bit so that you could fund your next awesome cafe racer build-up. I have posted about two other bikes you have cafe’d, and I really like your style a lot, but there is only so much I can do with relisted bikes. If you would like, I would post a permanent post as a sale listing at the price you really want to get so you can continue providing the world with very cool motorcycles.

As a side note, I have a friend who thinks that you sometimes go overboard with the colored parts (red frames, headlight shells, etc.) on some of the Honda-based bikes you have done. I, however, disagree. Please keep up the good work building cafe racers that are not drenched in flat black. You make the world of motorcycling a little more colorful…


I Love Cafe Racers!!!


Harley-Davidson Dyna Cafe Racer (built by Swede Built)

It’s always interesting to see a bike like this, where the builder takes something that is going to have a tough time becoming a cafe racer, and they make it into their vision of a cafe racer. This is a nice, clean build, that’s for sure. But is it a cafe racer? Hard to say. It is certainly pretty cool for a Harley big twin. But I think at the end of the day, it is just too big (read too long a wheel base) to ever have cafe racer proportions.

Currently up on eBay with 6 days left, there are zero bidders and the opening bid has been set at $14K. The listing has several more pictures and a description of some of the parts. Click through if you are interested…


Honda CB750 SOHC Replica Giuliari Seat

I have to admit (before you read any further) that I am putting this seat in the blog as much because of the bike in the example pics provided by the seller than as for the seat itself. That is a really beautiful bike! That’s it. I’m not saying anything more about the bike.

If you are into fully covered seats, though, this is a really nice Giuliari-styled replica. I personally like a cafe seat with the rear section uncovered, but that is just me. This looks like a nicely done piece of work, and they have various brackets and what-not available as well.


How Much Was It Worth? (Detroit Brothers Sportster Cafe Racer)

As pictured below, one Detroit Brothers Sportster Cafe Racer was up for sale. How much was it worth?
Scroll below the photo for the answer, or click through to eBay to find out the closing amount of the auction…


Drum roll please!

Fair enough, but probably less than the guys at DBCC were hoping for. I would guess that there is a lot of sweat equity in this bike.

1961 Aermacchi 250 Cafe Racer

Here’s a really nicely customized 1961 Aermacchi 250cc bike that has been fully cafe racerized. Cool, one-off details abound. My favorite touches are the widened fuel tank with the fuel gauge placed in the side, and the pretty clean custom rear-sets. Overall, this is a beautiful bike.

From the listing…
Info on bike:

    32mm Ceriani forks
    Flanged rims
    4 leading shoe Grimica front drum brake
    350 Aermacchi rear drum brake with custom drilled cooling holes with stainless mesh installed
    Stainless spokes
    Custom made rear sets
    Custom made stainless steel muffler
    Works Performance rear shocks
    Custom seat with cowl
    Original frame with reinforced section in back by shocks
    Benelli gas tank widened 2 1/2 inches with a custom glass fuel gauge installed and custom vented with billet gas cap
    sealed battery
    12 volt conversion with solid state rectifier and electronic ignition
    custom tach drive
    Original carb
    Complete motor rebuild with hot cam
    Custom made steel fenders
    Custom levers and clip-ons


Honda CB750 Cafe Racer


As you reminded me before, posting pictures of scantily clad women sometimes gets people all sorts of riled up. Therefore, I did not post the image I used before when this bike was used to sell the cafe racer seat pictured on this bike. The post, dated 8/5/08, can be seen here if you wish to behave in a depraved manner and ogle the bike/bikini model! 😛

However, in a bid for a late-season BCS bid, I am reposting the bike here (minus bikini model) as it is now for sale. What a beautiful bike! If it was beat to crap it would have a certain Mad Maxian image to it, but it isn’t…

Instead of summarizing, I have decided to simply cut-and-paste the ad copy from the eBay listing. The bike already has one bid, and I am sure it will meet reserve and go to a good home. Now get out there and kick some ass in the second half! And ignore the scantily clad bikini model in the tunnel on the way to the field!!!

“1975 CB 750 Cafe Racer
This bike is featured in the Nov/Dec 08 issue of Road Bike Magazine, on page 58. This is a rare opportunity to own a show quality and very rideable vintage street custom at a reasonable price. Recently built by Ken Glenn, one of the countries premier custom motorcycle builders. If you want a bike to put in shows this one will get the trophies. A quality addition to any collection. Every bit a piece of art, yet is not garage furniture. It runs great and is ridden frequently. Scroll down and see all the photos. For more information on this bike go to
Some of the many features are;
*New fork tubes. *New Clipons. *Air suspension. * NOS Manx exhaust system. *New spokes. *New bar end mirrors. *Hand made custom oil tank. *Custom KGCycles fiberglass Front and Rear Fenders, Seat, Gas tank and Fairing with dash panel. *House of Kolor Orion silver paint, *and many more custom made items.
Viewing of the bike will be done by appointment only, and only to qualified buyers. Please contact me by email to request an appointment or for any other questions. A phone number will only be given to qualified buyers. A $500 deposit is required at the end of the auction, and the balance is required in cash at the time of pickup. No checks, MO’s, or other payments accepted. Buyer is responsible for pickup with in one week of the end of the sale.
To see more about this bike go to”


SV650 Cafe Racer – Modern Interpretation

So this isn’t just slapping a set of clip-ons or clubman bars on a wrecked SV650S. This is a great conversion into something unique that I’ve never seen before.

Key highlights for me are the spoked wheels and the dual high pipes. It clearly has a very modern flavor to it, but I think that is alright. This is a great interpretation of the cafe racer concept, and I really like it!

SV650 Cafe Racer