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Back On The Bike (or The Return of the Death Rattle)

I commuted yesterday and today. On my bike. It’s been like two months since the last time I rode it any further than just across town. I had been worrying about the “death rattle” noise that has been emanating from the lower left side of the motor. I changed the oil on Monday night, then rode around town hoping that the noise had gone away with the fresh synthetic in the oil tank. The noise seemed less as I revved the hell out of it away from the stoplights.

Then I rode it to work. Oh boy. At steady states of cruise, the noise is back. With a vengeance, I might add. At around 65-70 mph, it sounds awful. At 75 mph, the noise lessens, and then at 80 mph it disappears, but then the bike sounds pained as it wheezes its way down the highway.

My next step is to change the transmission oil and check the primary drive chain. I hope it is something simple, as I really don’t have the time or money for a full tear-down and rebuild.

But even with the engine noise issue, I love being back on the bike. Regardless of the problem, I’m not going to stop riding it (unless it blows up). Way better than being trapped in a cage! 🙂

Want to ride…

Tonight I am going to change the oil in my Sportster. Hopefully that cures the rattling sound I am hearing. I’m thinking that I am hearing noisy lifters due to old/low oil.

It’s been a while since I’ve ridden other than delivering the bike from my old house to my new house. I miss it terribly. Being a cage driver is really getting to me. The amount of time I’ve spent stopped in traffic is countable in hours.

If the noise is still there after the oil change, I suppose I will have to get my KTM running so I am out of the cage. Then it will be time for a full engine rebuild in the Sporty. Ah, the life of a motorcycle commuter…