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Honda CB Oil Cooler

So you’ve got a Honda CB that you’ve converted into a cafe racer? And you’ve got it pumped up with a big bore kit or a jet and pipe combo? Or maybe you just ride it like you stole it?

I found this oil cooler on eBay that will help your motor stay cool and survive for the long haul. And it’s vintage NOS for that proper look. It won’t work on my SL350 twin, so I will have to find another solution and leave the bidding to everyone else. It’s currently at $76, with just over a day left in the auction.


Honda CB550 Chop/Drag Bike

Here’s a bike of a different color (so to speak). It’s a CB550 that’s been chopped into… something different. It’s not a cafe racer, but it is an interesting build that is actually pretty well done. The lettering on the side panels reads “Pro Street”, and this is a pretty cool drag-style bike. There was some online chatter dumping all over this bike, but if you are not planning on hauling ass through the twisties, I don’t see a problem with the bike. Yes, it has no front brake. But neither do most purpose-built drag bikes, which this is imitating. Really, who needs a front brake at the end of the 1/4 mile?

It’s from the pages of, so visit if you want to read more from their forum pages.


Cafe Racer From A Custom Shop (Detroit Brothers)

The auction has only 6 hours left, and the price is over $8K USD. Can this bike break the $10K mark? It probably should, but we’ll see. “How Much Was It Worth?” to follow the close of the auction…

How many of you have heard of Detroit Brothers Custom Cycles? You there, in the back, are you raising your hand because you’ve heard of them? Oh, okay, the bathrooms are just down the hall. Well, if any of you ever peruse The Horse magazine, you might have seen their bikes gracing the pages of that fine magazine that displays bikes/choppers other than your typical v-twin custom. Some of the bikes are even somewhat cafe’d.

But be that as it may, DBCC has got one of their creations up for sale on eBay. And it’s a cafe racer!!! And as you may know, I love cafe racers!!! You can click through to check out more, but here’s the skinny on the bike…

Take one 1994 Sportster frame, insert a Buell 1200cc motor, graft some Kawasaki forks onto it, create a kinda crazy fairing, give it a cool semi-retro paint job, add all the requisite cafe racer accoutrements, and stick a model on top of the bike.

So is it cool? I think so. Actually, I prefer it without the fairing. But overall (fairing or no), it is nice to see a chopper builder doing something that can actually be ridden, and is probably quite fast. As a cafe racer Sportster owner myself, I am glad to see someone else taking up a full conversion from plain-old Harley to something that actually deserves the name “Sport”ster. More pics and specs available on eBay…