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1963 BSA B40 Project Bike

BSA B40 1963 011

Here’s a nice little project bike that is already generating some interest in bids. It’s a 1963 BSA B40 that has been outfitted with a B44 motor. It is in need of finishing (hence Project Bike in the title of the post), but appears to be a relatively easy bike to complete. The seller claims the engine is running with all wiring in place, but I would ask questions before buying this bike.

Luckily, you have lots of time to ask questions as there are still over 6 days left in the auction. The price has already gone above $400 from a starting price $1, although reserve has not been met. And there are three people bidding so far. Perhaps this little beezer will generate a fair bit of interest…

BSA B40 1963 011
BSA B40 1963 012
BSA B40 1963 013
BSA B40 1963 014
BSA B40 1963 015
BSA B40 1963 016

Catalog of 1967 Dunstall Parts

Up for auction on eBay, and ending in just over 6 hours, is this piece of classic Brit bike history. A genuine catalog of Dunstall parts from back in the day. Looking through this book of wishes (several more photos on eBay), you can dare to dream about buying a complete Metisse road or race kit for your twin cylinder BSA, Norton, or Triumph for a whopping £323. Okay, I admit it, that was probably a lot of money back in 1967. Actually, I found an inflation calculator, and it would currently convert to almost £2,000.

Be that as it may, this is a great chance to own a piece of memorabilia that might just give you some ideas about how your cafe racer should/could/would look given a time machine and a few pounds sterling…


1955 BSA A10 – 650cc of cool…

Paul has rescinded his thought about this bike not being a BSA. Apparently he looked at some of the details and decided that BSAs just look like Nortons, but are not actually Nortons! 😛
I got an email from my friend Paul over at telling me that this wasn’t a BSA. Hmmmm. Anyone else have an opinion on that?
Wow. This is a cool bike. The real deal it would seem. The only thing that is a bit out of place is the Yamaha 4 leading shoe brake, but I bet it stops that thing quickly.

Take a look at the description from the seller. He goes into some of the trick bits on the bike and in the motor. I think this BSA will make someone a wonderful half-century-old Sunday morning ride…