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Benjies Cafe Racer Update

It’s been a while since I posted anything out of the BCR shop, and lo-and-behold, there are some new parts and projects out of the shop. Check out the linked photos below to see a sampling of what he’s got going on…

benjies cafe racer 07_09 01
benjies cafe racer 07_09 02
benjies cafe racer 07_09 03
benjies cafe racer 07_09 04
benjies cafe racer 07_09 05

New Feature on the Benjie’s Cafe Racer Site

I was surfing around tonight, and I noticed that the Benjie’s Cafe Racer site has a new feature: customer bikes. This is kinda cool, because it shows a couple of customer bikes that are a BCR seat with a stock tank (something a lot of us might actually do). Click on the pictures below to visit the BCR page that hosts the customer bikes. Props to Benjie and the cool bikes coming out of his shop!


1978 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer

I’ve written about the Benjie’s Cafe Racer shop a couple of times before, so it’s nice to see a bike using BCR parts floating around on the web. This particular machine is up for auction on eBay.

The CB550 is quite a nice bike as is. But this has been built up to really look the part of a cafe racer. The BCR tank and seat are what really make this bike shine. It does need two things, though: move the bars to a better position (they appear to be mounted upside-down (do clubmans come flat or with a small amount of downward angle?) and then rotated upwards), and put some rear-sets on that thing. Then this would be a top-notch cafe racer…


Benjie’s CafĂ© Racer – Black Whale

Was surfing around this morning, and I went to the Benjie’s Cafe Racer. Clicking through the site, I found this bike, and I thought it was a great example of a Honda CB750 cafe racer. The only thing missing is rear-sets. Lots of Benjie’s bikes seem to be lacking rear-sets, even though the rest of the build is so awesome.

Favorites about this bike are the paint job (love the matte black with red stripe and wheels), the tank and seat (wish I could buy that for my Sportster), and the classic cafe look he builds into all of his bikes.

From the BCR site…
Project name: ” Black Whale”
Bike originated as: 1974Honda CB 750 K4
Engine: In-line 4 750 cc
Mods: Clip-on bars, 4 into 2 exhaust,
stretched gas tank,, seat pan, oil tank, foot
pegs, battery relocation, etc…