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1972 Honda CB350 Custom

Picture 7Here we have a very nicely sorted but not over done Honda. Styling wise it is a very clean Cafe Racer, mechanically I’m guessing it’s still pretty much stock save the pod filters and the tidy exhaust. This is the pattern I am going to use for my own 350 project.

The owner obviously went through the process of dismantling the bike, cleaning, painting and polishing, then went into cafe mode. First stop, Benji’s Cafe Racers for the body work. I believe the ‘El Poquito’ body is absolutely the best looking for the CB. Clean additions like the Air-tech front fender, the polished clip-ons and some nice rearsets take care of the styling and functionality. I also like the silver paint, simple and elegant.

A good cafe racer has to handle well and this bike seems to be on its way to that goal. The shocks are far better than the stockers but what did he do with the front? Upgraded springs? even an oil change? There are some simple frame mods that make a huge difference on CB’s. Looks like the bike has stock wheels with a couple decent tires spooned on.

All in all, this is probably the nicest CB350 I have seen. Good looking, better handling, reliable and so much fun to ride!! This guy (or gal?) has put a lot of time, love and money into this Honda and it shows. And with the low miles it has on the clock (provided it is the real mileage), it will be fun to ride for years and will draw a crowd wherever you go. For more info and more pictures, click on the pics below.

Picture 3
Picture 5
Picture 41972 Honda CB350 Custom

CB550 Cafe Racer Seats

Marc posted a comment on the blog asking if I had any CB550 cafe racer style seats for sale. I don’t personally sell anything. I just find cool stuff and post it for all of us who love cafe racers to look at. So, I googled, and here’s what I found. As usual, I don’t sell it, I just find it…

It was interesting that Marc asked about CB550, because I’ve been getting a ton of traffic from CB550 searches. Not sure why the sudden interest, but seats in general are one of the top things I blog about. I suppose it is because the seat is really, at the end of the day, what distinguishes a cafe racer from a bike that simply has clip-ons or clubmans thrown on it.

CB550 Cafe Seat at

CB550 Cafe Seat at

Cb550 Cafe Seat on eBay

Cb550 Cafe Seat on eBay

Benjie’s CafĂ© Racer – Black Whale

Was surfing around this morning, and I went to the Benjie’s Cafe Racer. Clicking through the site, I found this bike, and I thought it was a great example of a Honda CB750 cafe racer. The only thing missing is rear-sets. Lots of Benjie’s bikes seem to be lacking rear-sets, even though the rest of the build is so awesome.

Favorites about this bike are the paint job (love the matte black with red stripe and wheels), the tank and seat (wish I could buy that for my Sportster), and the classic cafe look he builds into all of his bikes.

From the BCR site…
Project name: ” Black Whale”
Bike originated as: 1974Honda CB 750 K4
Engine: In-line 4 750 cc
Mods: Clip-on bars, 4 into 2 exhaust,
stretched gas tank,, seat pan, oil tank, foot
pegs, battery relocation, etc…