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1965 Benelli 125 Cafe Racer (with title!)

Wow! A 44 year old motorcycle with a title! That is reason enough to post it…

Up on eBay right now is this Montgomery Wards 1965 Benelli 125 that has been cafe’d. I think I posted it before, but it is a reasonably nice bike to buy as a regular ride without worrying about whether or not your jacket scratches the tank while you are riding it. It has all the necessary cafe conversion stuff done to it, it has a title, but the seller won’t say if it runs or not (see below for a quote). It does need some clean-up work, and the footpegs/rearsets should be redone/fixed. The price is reasonable right now (2d 8h left), and it’s within driving distance of my house, but now that I am working again, I got to catch up before buying anything…

“Have you tried to start it?
I have not tried to start it. When placed in storage the fuel was drained from the tank. I have kicked the bike and it turns over just fine.
I am staying away from the bike because I know once I get it started I will ride it and not want to sell.”

Upon further inspection (pics included below), this bike needs LOTS of help with the foot pegs and shifter/brake pedal. Be aware before you bid…


There it is!!!

There it is!!!

1961 Aermacchi 250 Cafe Racer

Here’s a really nicely customized 1961 Aermacchi 250cc bike that has been fully cafe racerized. Cool, one-off details abound. My favorite touches are the widened fuel tank with the fuel gauge placed in the side, and the pretty clean custom rear-sets. Overall, this is a beautiful bike.

From the listing…
Info on bike:

    32mm Ceriani forks
    Flanged rims
    4 leading shoe Grimica front drum brake
    350 Aermacchi rear drum brake with custom drilled cooling holes with stainless mesh installed
    Stainless spokes
    Custom made rear sets
    Custom made stainless steel muffler
    Works Performance rear shocks
    Custom seat with cowl
    Original frame with reinforced section in back by shocks
    Benelli gas tank widened 2 1/2 inches with a custom glass fuel gauge installed and custom vented with billet gas cap
    sealed battery
    12 volt conversion with solid state rectifier and electronic ignition
    custom tach drive
    Original carb
    Complete motor rebuild with hot cam
    Custom made steel fenders
    Custom levers and clip-ons


Another Benelli!!! (kind of)


It’s now going for over $1,700!!! So much for me being able to afford it… 😦 But good for the seller!

Yes, it’s a Benelli, but was sold by Montgomery Wards.

Why am I writing about this bike? Not very smart on my part, because I think I am going to bid on it. It is close to home (about 70 miles), starts at a low price ($500), and looks really cool.

I feel really sorry for this seller, because he is getting hammered by the new eBay feedback system. I hope the potential bidders are checking out his story, ’cause I think his feedback is one of the worst examples of how the changes can potentially affect sellers.

Benelli / Montgomery Wards Cafe Racer

Benelli TNT Cafe Racer

Freakin’ insane! I love it! May be modern, but that is sweet! Too bad it ends in four hours. I don’t think I’ll be able to come up with the scratch for this one that quickly.

I think I will try to post some pics of my bike tomorrow. At least I already own that…

Benelli TNT