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1987 Yamaha SRX600 Cafe Racer

For those of you down under, I found this well used, but reasonably priced and nicely modified SRX600. It’s got some motor work, clip-ons, and would be a great starting point for a cafe racer build-up. The motor only has 10K kilometers on it, but the chassis has 31,000 kilometers (I think that is like 75 non-metric miles 😉 ). This will be a fun bike once it is cleaned up a bit. Check the listing for more info if you are interested…


Ducati Mk III Cafe Project (in Australia)

I like this bike! I’m drooling right now and making a mess on the keyboard. 😀

I really have no interest in new Ducatis (not that I would turn down a 1098), but old ones really float my boat. I remember watching them when I used to race AHRMA, and thinking that I could make the leap to vintage racing on one of these or an older Diana. Or maybe a Metralla, but that is another story.

I do have to say that the bike is in Australia, which makes it a bit more challenging for a US buyer like myself. But the bike seems to be all there. And if the receipts for work are all in order, it is probably a great bike for the right person.

1970 Ducati Mk III 250cc