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810 Big Bore Kit for SOHC CB750 (Used)

Being auctioned on eBay right now is the big bore kit for the SOHC CB750. It’s an 810cc kit with new rings, and the seller claims the pistons and pins are in good shape. It might be a nice way to wake up your cb750 cafe racer if the motor is getting a bit tired…


Interesting Norton on eBay Right Now

I found this Norton on eBay this afternoon, and it is quite an interesting bike (or amalgamation of parts to be more accurate). The listing says that it is a 1971 Norton Dunstall 810cc, which, I am assuming, means it started life as a 1971 Norton Commando 750, and morphed into the bike shown below. I find the integrated brakes/forks quite fascinating.

There is a bunch of detail (and more photos) in the listing if you want to check it out. Currently, it is at $6K with zero bids…