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1986 Yamaha SRX600 Cafe Racer

Up for auction on eBay with only a little over a day left is this nice 1986 Yamaha SRX600 that has been lightly converted into a cafe racer. While it still retains its SRX roots (wheels, tank, etc.), there are some nice mods that make it better than stock without going over the top financially or aesthetically. The best performance mod on the bike is the FZ600 forks and brakes. I’m sure that with the relatively light weight of the SRX600, this bike stops on the proverbial dime. Aesthetically, only you can make a final decision about the Corbin seat or the chromed gas tank, and while I feel bad about the toxic effects of chromium on the environment, the tank does a reasonable impersonation of polished aluminum alloy.

Current bid is $2,000 with 36 hours left, but reserve has not been met. And the seller has good feedback, so it should be a fairly safe transaction…


1976 Royal Enfield Cafe Racer

In a brand debut on the blog is this Royal Enfield cafe racer. I think this is a really nicely done bike that epitomizes what a cafe racer is supposed to be — light and stylish. There are far too many mods to list them all here, but the seller of this bike has gone kinda crazy in doing cool stuff to this bike. It has the whole host of “normal” cafe mods (tank, clip-ons, rear-sets, seat, suspension, etc.), and a lot more not so common modifications. It has a big bore kit in it, lots of lightening of the hard parts, electronic ignition, etc.

There are a bunch more photos and all of the specs in the eBay listing. This is a cool bike that should make the new owner very happy. 6 days left, currently at $1,100, with a Buy-It-Now at $5,500.


Nice Fiberglass Cafe Racer Seat on eBay

I found this nice-looking cafe racer seat on eBay this afternoon. There’s only a couple of hours left though. Hopefully, the seller will repost it again…

Specs: seat is 8 1/2″ wide at front, 9 1/2 wide at hump, 28″ long, seat area is 16″ long