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1982 BMW R65LS

If Teutonic styling is more your thing, this is an interesting semi-cafe right from the BMW factory. Straight from Wikipedia, here’s a blurb about the LS model…

In 1982 in an effort to enhance the R65’s image the Hans Muth designed R65LS was introduced. 6,389 R65LS bikes were produced, which featured a triangular shaped pod fairing and instrument housing versus the standard naked front end of the R65. Furthermore a different rear seat featured pillion grab handles similar in style to the soon-to-be-introduced K Series BMWs. Different model transfers were used and the only colours were hennarot (red) and polaris (silver). Much of the chrome work of the R65 was replaced by black painted or black chrome features (exhaust piping, mufflers). Other features included:

    Twin disc front brakes in-lieu of single disc
    Lower front handlebars for a slightly more sporty seating position
    Different alloy wheel pattern – on red models painted white
    Different rear drum brake size
    Black chrome mufflers and black painted exhaust pipes

BMW R65 LS 1982 01
BMW R65 LS 1982 02
BMW R65 LS 1982 03
BMW R65 LS 1982 04
BMW R65 LS 1982 05

1982 Suzuki GS1100E Cafe Racer

And now for something completely different. With its first appearance now occurring on the “I Love Cafe Racers!!!” blog, let me introduce the somewhat funky GS1100E cafe racer. This is a really neat bike that takes a more modern big-bore zook and inserts a couple of cafe-type styling cues with very interesting results.

First up, the spoked wheels. I think they look very cool and unique. There are no sizes listed in the seller’s description, but from the fourth photo down, it looks like a 3″ x 18″ rim. I’m going to hazard a guess that the front is probably a 2.15″ rim in either a 19″ or 18″ diameter. Check out the photos to make your own guess.

While it doesn’t have clip-ons or clubman bars, it does have drag bars which get this bike most of the way there in terms of looks (and I would guess handling/bike-feel). Performance wise, there have been a few things done to this bike that should make it scream (listed below). Currently there are zero bidders and the starting price is shown as $2,650. If no one bids soon (there are 3 days left in the auction), I suspect the seller will lower the starting price to generate interest.

    Vance & Hines welded/trued crank
    Mikuni 33mm smoothbore carbs
    V&H high flow oil pump
    Kerker FULL exhaust
    APE clutch basket
    V&H timing chain
    K&N filter pods
    Lockhart oil cooler with braided SS lines and Russell fittings
    Fork Brace
    low miles on Pirelli Sport Demon tires & o-ring chain
    recent fork seals

suzuki gs1100 1982 cafe racer 01
suzuki gs1100 1982 cafe racer 02
suzuki gs1100 1982 cafe racer 03
suzuki gs1100 1982 cafe racer 04
suzuki gs1100 1982 cafe racer 05