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1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

Located in Brooklyn, NY, this cafe racer’ed CB750 is a really nice build. I appreciate the fact that the seller has kept the bike fairly simple, with a set of basic cafe modifications. No crazy paint. No super high-dollar parts. Just a black cafe racer.

There is fairly active bidding going on for this bike with 11 bidders already taking the price up to $1,500 with 3 days left.


1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer (Kinda Old School)

Up for auction on eBay right now is this semi-finished 1973 Honda CB750 cafe racer conversion. There are definitely aspects to this bike that I really like. It has kind of a Zero Engineering feel to it, what with the old school look of the front end and the white grips. But it seems like maybe the bike needs a few more weekends before trying to get a premium for it on eBay. The seller did lower his original Buy-It-Now price, but I think he might have difficulty reaching either that or his also lowered reserve price. Read the sellers description if you are interested, because there are a few things wrong. I’m still trying to find the muffler(s), as they seem to be missing…


1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

This is a neat bike as a starting point for a cafe racer project. It is probably, hmmm, 60% of the way there. Overall, it is clean and reasonably well built. What does it have? Seat, front rim, and black paint (props to The Motoworld Dot Com!!!). But anyways, it feels like it is neither here nor there. It is currently more of a street tracker than a cafe racer, but with the addition of a few more parts it would definitely be on the side of cafe-ness.

What should be added? Clip-ons, 18″ rear rim, and rear-sets. Done! Move along please. More pics in the eBay listing…


1973 Norton Commando 750 Cafe Racer – Very Clean!

UPDATE: The auction closed at $8,201. Wow. Seems like it should have gone for more given the clean looks and recent rebuild of the mechanicals.
Up for auction on eBay right now is this super clean 1973 Norton Commando 750 that has been done up as a super clean cafe racer. The whole motor/transmission appears to have been rebuilt (photos of the motor internals), and lots of new parts have been installed. However, I think it is the aesthetics that make this bike stand out. This is just a flat out beautiful motorcycle. It has already moved above reserve, so someone will be buying this bike. Cool stuff!


1973 T140 Triumph Bonneville 750 Cafe Racer

While the opening bid price may be a bit shocking on this finely built Triumph Bonneville done up in the cafe style, it really is a nice looking motorcycle. I don’t know what it will end up closing at in 6 hours.

I’m going to let you check out the listing for the whole deal, as the owner does a good job in his write-up, but some of the highlights are…

    Re-bored cylinders
    Updated suspension – Progressive in front, Red Wing in back
    Nice Buchanan’s built wheels
    Braced swing-arm
    Most aluminum and stainless bits polished to within an inch of their lives
    Mikuni carbs
    Honest assessment of the minor issues with the bike

I know that I typically rail against “Cafe Racers” that don’t either have clubman bars or clip-ons, but in this case I am making an exception, as the overall look of this bike is so nice, that it doesn’t really matter. The bike is still going to be fun in the corners, and has such a classic look to it that the bars are hardly a deal breaker. Good luck if you are interested in this bike…


1973 Triumph Daytona Cafe Racer

What a cool Frankenbike! No, not like Al Franken…

I really like seeing a bike that uses parts from multiple different donors creatively and with style. It’s easy to throw crap on a bike and call it a day (use any of my old race bikes as examples of this), but it is difficult to do it in a manner that actually improves upon the concept at hand.

Take this Daytona… Front brake from a period Suzuki, Marzzochi forks from a Guzzi, custom exhaust, and a Lucas headlight. Who the hell brags about Lucas headlights, anyways?!?!? The headlight not withstanding, I really like this bike. A good recreation of what could have been done at the approximate time this bike was originally delivered from the factory.

1973 Triumph Daytona Cafe Racer