Cool SL70 Cafe Racer

Here’s a drool-factor bike I found on the forum (I ride a KTM Adventure 640, too). The person who posted the pic originally thinks it might be an SL70, but it is so stripped down at this point, I have no idea what the original bike might have been. Doesn’t matter though, it’s a beautiful motorcycle…

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  2. PD on

    Looks like an Aermacchi. Sweeet

  3. Arnold Nufer on

    The bike is a old Van Tech frame kit from the early 70’s. This kit was made to use the motor from a Honda S90. The tank is from the Benelli Mahove scrambler. Mix them all together—– Beautiful new bike!

  4. SwaggeringPagan on

    Yettman framed ‘special’…..
    very cool little bike.

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  6. […] from I Love Cafe Racers!!! […]

  7. Rich on

    hey man, i’m 16 and looking for a first motorbike for when im 17 and have fallen in love with the cafe racer style. However I face two problems, 1 being 16 im a bit hard up for cash, and 2 I would be limited to maximum of a 125cc, you got any ideas?
    (i’m not too shabby around an engine and im not afraid of a bit of work)

    Cheers, Rich

    • Anonymous on

      get a puch magnum, you won’t even need a license

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