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1967 Triumph TR6R Trophy

I believe I’ve posted two bikes from this shop before (an XS650 and a Sportster) that tended to polarize visitors to the site. I really like this bike. Purists will leave comments complaining about the color of the frame, the blue fuel tubing, or something like that, but I don’t care. It is nicely built, and as much as any of us can complain about how particular bikes look, at least these guys are building cafe racers. And honestly, I think their bikes are improving over time.

If you click through and read the listing, it appears that the motor has been thoroughly gone through with some pretty cool hi-performance parts. The suspension seems reasonably well done, although with custom-wound front springs, there’s a reasonable chance the front end may be too stiff. Have to ride it to tell.

As for the aesthetics, the green frame is definitely a love it or hate it thing. I tend to like bikes with contrasting frame and body colors, and while I probably wouldn’t choose these colors for my own bike, I think it is an interesting choice that works well.

The bike is currently at $5,100 (reserve not met) with 15 hours left. I have no idea what reserve would be set at for this bike, but my guess is that bidding will max out between $6-7K. Good luck if you are bidding.