1971 Honda SL175

Hmmmmmmm…….. Maybe it’s a board track racer?

Honda SL125 1971 Cafe Racer 0011
Honda SL125 1971 Cafe Racer 0012
Honda SL125 1971 Cafe Racer 0013
Honda SL125 1971 Cafe Racer 0014
Honda SL125 1971 Cafe Racer 0015

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  1. paul nielsen on

    creativity knows no bounds…or beauty is in the eye of the beholder…or just change the front wheel…

  2. G on

    Actually, aside from the fact that its so small and Im a big guy… I like this… its clean & simple… I even like the paint…

  3. Today’s Links | MarcJStuff on

    […] 1971 Honda SL175 […]

  4. Old School on

    Sweet and to the point!!! I’m inspired.

  5. PD on

    Nice work. Only negative is rear body piece too wide. I would like one.

  6. Big Wave Dave on

    I’m 90% complete with my own 1970 CB175 Cafe, but now I’ve seen yours and well I might have change a few things!
    Looks Great. I put on some aftermarket headlight bucket ears and fabed up a bracket to drop the OEM gauges. They end up being flush with the top of the bars. Try it on another bike.
    keep it up!!

  7. austntexan on

    That looks like a single, the SL175 is a twin, essentially the same engine as the CB/CL 175 but w/no electric starter and different fr/rr sprockets. Pretty cool little scoot.

  8. Hamza on

    Great one!!!Honda Rocks!!!

  9. Justin on

    It’s an SL125. I’ve got one and want to make mine into a cafe racer. Wish I knew who makes this seat or if it was hand made. The ones I’ve found aren’t as nice as this one. Great bike 🙂

  10. Anonymous on

    Where did you find a seat to fit?

  11. Decker on

    hey man you bike is bitchen. n i was wondering where you got the seat.

  12. Dick on

    Thanks for the comments. I built that bike 2 years ago and unfortunately I had to sell it back in November. As for the seat, I made it using the stock metal seat pan. (That’s why it’s so wide) I used an english wheel and pneumatic planishing hammer to form sheet metal to the seat. I then upholstered the seat myself (I do upholstery on the side)

    Anyways, the whole bike was a budget build and I miss the hell out of it. I’ve been searching for it online lately to see if the current owner is interested in selling it back 🙂

    And BTW, it’s a 71′ SL-125 single with a 150cc big bore kit

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