1971 Honda CB750 Dunstall-Style Cafe Racer

I’m not going to write a lot about this bike. I’ve got a cut-and-paste from the listing of some of the things done to this bike, and there are a few more pics in the listing if you want to check them out. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!!

There are 4 days left in the auction, and the price is currently at $3,950. The seller seems honest, and has good feedback. This is a sweet looking bike that should really be a runner, too.

From the listing…
The engine has been completely rebuilt. It has an 850 big bore kit in it with a real nice street cam in it. The head have new valves, guides, springs, & keepers. The lower half has been rebuilt with new heavy duty chains & all new factory bearings & seals. The bike runs great & pulls really hard for an old girl !!!
The tank is a new fiberglass Dunstall style & has been coated with KBS tank coating for years of use with todays fuel additives. The tail is fiberglass & is completely rubber mounted! (no cracking or un-wanted vibration on this bike.)
The wheels are 18” alum high shouldered laced with stainless spokes & Mich tires.
The forks are completely rebuilt with new Progressive springs, new seals & oil.
The exhaust sounds great, it is a perfect blend of low rpm quiet with high rpm scream.
The bike has been professionally painted using only the highest quality materials. The pics do not do justice to the clarity of this paint job.

honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA01
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA02
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA03
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA04.jpg
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA05
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA06
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA07
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA08
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA09

7 comments so far

  1. themotoworld on

    Pricey…but…stunning, a real beauty. Not much else to say. One of the best you have posted far and away.

  2. tony starr on

    i saw this on ebay and loved it. really nice ride.

  3. frankNrider on

    Wow this is a great looking Honda CB750. I like the all blacked out look. Definitely one of the cleaner looking cafe bikes I’ve seen recently. Thanks for always posting great bikes!

  4. Ronderson Borges on

    Eu amo café racer, gostaria de receber artigos a respeito, um forte abraço.

  5. JB on

    Bravo nice looking CB750 though not a true period Honda Dunstall. Nice BCR headlight and very interesting top triple tree/ handlebar setup! One of most recent Honda cafes listed to actually have rearsets.

  6. G on

    I still dream of this bike….

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