1973 Honda CB500 Cafe Racer

There are cleanly built cafe racers, and there are cleanly built cafe racers. This bike clearly epitomizes the idea of taking a bike, and building into a cafe racer without doing anything crazy or over the top. Heck, this bike has drag bars, and I still like it!

What has been done to this bike is as follow:

    Tons of energy put into making it a clean build.
    Classic cafe racer seat.
    Cylinder-head gone through and cleaned up.
    Replacement of various mechanical bits and pieces including clutch plates, ignition, K&N filter conversion, and battery.
    Aftermarket 4-4 exhaust.
    Nice paint job.

Currently, bidding has put this bike at just under $2K with 11 interested bidders. There are only 9 hours left, so unless bidding picks up it might be possible to pick up this bike for a deal. Keep an eye on it if your interested. The seller has built a nice bike that will most likely make the buyer very happy. Good luck!

honda cb500 1973 cafe racer AA01
honda cb500 1973 cafe racer AA02
honda cb500 1973 cafe racer AA03
honda cb500 1973 cafe racer AA04
honda cb500 1973 cafe racer AA05
honda cb500 1973 cafe racer AA06

5 comments so far

  1. Paul Nielsen on

    I agree with you..truly one of the nicest rideable Cafe’ bikes I have seen you post..superclean and very handsome..just like me.

  2. Mat on

    Those are EMGO filters which don’t fit on the 500/550 because they hit the frame. K+N and UNI make filters that fit without a goofy elbow fitting.

  3. G on

    I hate the 90 degree fitting from Home Depot…

  4. Lon on

    Where did you get the windshield/fairing? Custom made?

  5. Willem du Plooy on

    A lot of effort had gone into this racer. It is really good looking. I hope to build mine a bit more modern.

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