1970 Honda CL450 Cafe Racer (Part 2)

Back on March 24th, 2009, I posted what I believe to be this exact same bike (Click here…), and it had some issues that needed fixing. And now it appears they have been fixed. The current seller of this bike replaced the windscreen and gotten it running fine (according to the seller). Click through to the eBay listing via the photos for more pics of the bike currently, or click on the old posting for some outdoor shots of the bike. Reserve hasn’t been met yet, but bidding is only at about $1,500 with 15 hours left.

honda cl450 1970 cafe racer AA01
honda cl450 1970 cafe racer AA02
honda cl450 1970 cafe racer AA03
honda cl450 1970 cafe racer AA04

3 comments so far

  1. Paul Nielsen on

    Nice and neat little, well…not little really, bike. I like the Tracy or Tracy style body work and the JC Whitney exhaust. But..the Von Dutch sticker? When was it applied..how old is the paint job? is a genuine article or just an over priced sticker?

    But..It really is a nice 450..sticker or not…

  2. Paul Nielsen on

    Oh, I forgot..the Dunstall style front fender..cool, the exposed forksprings also cool…

  3. Brian on

    I own this bike now.
    I am putting it on the road, and leaving it as is.
    It has a good home.
    I live in central NC.

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