1968 Honda CB350 Cafe Racer

Here’s a beautiful bike (nice job! to the builder). It’s a 1968 Honda CB350 twin that has been crafted into quite the well-done cafe racer. And check out that seat! I admit to never having seen one like that before with the narrow front to match the frame rails, and then the wider back section. I would guess that with a rider on it, the shape becomes perfect. Overall, a nearly flawless buildup that doesn’t appear to be a trailer queen.

On to business. The seller’s feedback appears to be good, and the price is at $2,000 with 5 days left. Given that there are 4 bidders already, I would guess that this bike will go up in price before the auction closes. Buy-It-Now, which is set at $3,250, will disappear if the price gets close, so if you think that’s a valid price (I do), you might want to consider that option. Good luck to everyone who’s interested in this bike!

honda cb350 1968 cafe racer 01
honda cb350 1968 cafe racer 02
honda cb350 1968 cafe racer 03

honda cb350 1968 cafe racer 05
honda cb350 1968 cafe racer 06

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  1. paul nielsen on

    being a lover and owner of the Honda 350, I like this bike…a lot. The tail section is reminiscent of the Norton Atlas..very cool…this little bike has a lot going for it…except..a little pricey for a Honda CB350..I know there is a lot of time, love and $$ put into it..but lets look at the real world…$3250??? Especially with JC Whitney mufflers??
    It’s a really nice bike and incredibly well done, I don’t mean to take anything away from it..just seems a bit pricey for today…

  2. graham newman on

    I have been a fan of the cl350 since I first spotted one in 1970, and I have recently restored a cl350k1.
    I like the first two models. I have seen a few customised 350 cafe racers, but never any so thorough as this. I like that frame, the styling no frippery no flashness, just pure honsety, This bike has what is needed and thats all.
    and a paintwork that says the same. I would like it bike but you couldn’t send it to Australia.

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