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1979 Yamaha XS650 Project Bike

I know this is not a cafe racer, but this XS650 could become whatever you want. Cafe Racer? Check. KR replica? check. Bobber? Check.

It appears to be a clean runner that would convert to cafe fairly easily. Obviously, that requires a bit more than just slappin’ clubman bars on it, but it should be a good starting point. There are 3-1/2 days left, and the opening bid will need to be $999 or greater. Good luck, and I hope to see a converted bike sometime in the future!

yamaha xs650 1979 project 01
yamaha xs650 1979 project 02
yamaha xs650 1979 project 03
yamaha xs650 1979 project 04

1970 BSA Thunderbolt Cafe Racer (Kinda mix and match)

Props to the owner/seller of this bike for building a beautiful classic motorcycle. Is it a full-on cafe racer? No. Is it beautiful? Yes, and I already stated my opinion.

This brings me to another point. Lately I have received a bit of criticism for having opinions about what makes a cafe racer a cafe racer. Does it have clip-ons or clubmans? Is there a cafe seat on the bike? Are there rear-sets or the standard dangly bits hanging off the side of the bike? To reiterate what I have already written, my blog is opinion only. I comment on what I see and read when I find cafe racers. Do I like them all? No. Do I say what I honestly believe? Yes. All I know is that I love cafe racers and will continue to find them and write about them…

Which brings me to this bike. Is it a cafe racer? Well, the seller says so. It is certainly a classic British bike, but it is missing some of the key aesthetic features that create the cafe look. It has high-ish bars, and standard footpegs. And it has white wall tires. That’s something I’ve never seen on a cafe bike. All that being said, it is a beautiful bike that either you could keep as is and enjoy, or you could stick some lower bars on it and “cafe” it. Whatever you think, this is a nicely put-together bike.

There are about 15 hours left before the Buy-It-Now goes away, but the “make offer” might get you a better deal if you are interested.

bsa thunderbolt 1970 cr 01
bsa thunderbolt 1970 cr 02
bsa thunderbolt 1970 cr 03
bsa thunderbolt 1970 cr 04
bsa thunderbolt 1970 cr 05
bsa thunderbolt 1970 cr 06