1973 Suzuki T500

Up for auction on the newly revamped eBay Motors site is this beautiful 1973 Suzuki T500 that has been done up in mostly cafe racer style. There really isn’t that much that needs to be said about the bike as the pictures do most of the talking.

honda_cb750 1973 cafe racer 06
honda_cb750 1973 cafe racer 7
honda_cb750 1973 cafe racer 08
honda_cb750 1973 cafe racer 09
honda_cb750 1973 cafe racer 10
honda_cb750 1973 cafe racer 12

2 comments so far

  1. themotoworld on

    I have always lusted, well maybe not ‘lusted’ but have always held the T500 ‘Titan’ in high esteem. I rode one for a day and fell in love. This is a nice bike, I like the ‘semi’ cafe’ look. Looks more rideable than a true cafe racer

  2. Fred on

    Very nice.I am in the process of restoring one myself and was wondering where to find the fiberglass for around the headlight. Thanks

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