1975 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

I’ve been debating whether or not to post this CB750 cafe racer because of a couple of things. First off, this bike has been lowered front and rear. This would seem to make the bike handle worse than a bike that had been raised from the original ride height. Secondly, it is somewhat of a self-proclaimed showbike with a high Buy-It-Now price. The current bid with 24 hours left is reasonable at around $3K, but it hasn’t met reserve yet.

What’s good about this bike? It’s beautiful! Just take a look!!! And it’s nicely built by what appears to be a good team of builders.

However, like I said earlier, it’s been lowered. Take that for what it’s worth. My 2 cents only.

Good luck with this auction. Overall, it looks like an awesome buy regardless of the closing price (within reason of course). It’s a beautiful, well built bike that should make the buyer very happy.

honda cb750 1975 cafe racer 01
honda cb750 1975 cafe racer 02
honda cb750 1975 cafe racer 03
honda cb750 1975 cafe racer 04
honda cb750 1975 cafe racer 05
honda cb750 1975 cafe racer 06

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  1. themotoworld on

    Nice bike…a bit misguided but nice. I agree lowering a bike doesn’t do much for handling and the dropped rear end looks weird. I’m sure there is a lot of $$ in this bike but a good price would be about $2.5K tops, there is work to do to make it truly rideable..in a cafe’ sense…

  2. custom diesel on

    this bike was built by custom diesel in morristown tennessee, they build some very nice bikes, i agree with the ride height issue, the bike shouldnt be lowered it looks like a drag bike more than a cafe to me, but hey after all I built this bike & I am my own worst critic, we are currentley building another for a guy in northern ireland wich will be even better than this one. good to see something i built on the web other than egay.
    custom diesel

  3. David on

    I’m new to motorcycles and have a naiive question, please be kind! I’m actually looking for my first one now (only ridden friends bikes off road).

    I was a cyclist for years and we put the tyres on in the opposite direction to this bike – with the tread going from the inside to the outside, chevrons facing forward. In mountain biking, you would possibly reverse this if you needed more traction in the mud but it was massively less efficient.

    Are these tyres reversed for traction or are they not reversed and this is the norm for MC’s?

    Just learning the basics and thought I’d ask! I like to ask and understand things rather than pretend I know or guess.

    Cheers, DR.

  4. caferacers on

    Hi David,

    I believe that the tires go in this direction to remove water from the inside of the tire to the outside. Think about the tire as it would look from the ground. As it rolls forward, the water would be channeled to the outside of the tire.


  5. peter on

    has the bike sold

  6. JB on

    All the money put into this bike just for it to handle like a goldwing I don’t get it? I’m sure you’d agree there is way too much form over function goin on these days…

  7. Industrial Cafe on

    unfortunately the tires are on backwards.

  8. Geoff on

    I love this bike!!!!! everybody I’ve shown it to, loves this bike!
    I need to know how you lowered it…these bikes are just TOO TALL… when I sit on mine I can’t touch the ground… SO, some how, some way I have have got to drop this thing down.

    SO…please help… how did you do it?

  9. Part of research on

    I’m about buy a a ’75 CB750. I would like to make into more of a cafe racer. Do you have resources for said activity.

  10. Anonymous on

    The tires are definitely on backwards.

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