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1978 Suzuki GS1000

Here’s something we don’t see every day. It’s a very nice 1978 Suzuki GS1000 that has a mild cafe treatment done to it. I like the clean, somewhat stock appearance of this bike. It’s very much as if a guy back in 1978 rolled this bike off the showroom floor, stuck a cafe fairing and some shocks on a new bike, and went riding.

By no means is the bike perfect. The seller is very honest in the listing about the small things that are wrong with the bike, but I’ve owned new Suzukis in the last 10 years that have had far more problems than this bike. I think it will end up selling for a reasonable price if it breaks reserve, especially compared to the last bike I posted. But that could be perfect for someone who isn’t interested in a radical cafe build, and just wants a comfortable but sporty ride. There are four days left in this auction, and the price is only at $560.

suzuki gs1000 1978 sport cafe AA01
suzuki gs1000 1978 sport cafe AA02
suzuki gs1000 1978 sport cafe AA03
suzuki gs1000 1978 sport cafe AA04
suzuki gs1000 1978 sport cafe AA05
suzuki gs1000 1978 sport cafe AA06

1971 Honda CB750 Dunstall-Style Cafe Racer

I’m not going to write a lot about this bike. I’ve got a cut-and-paste from the listing of some of the things done to this bike, and there are a few more pics in the listing if you want to check them out. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!!

There are 4 days left in the auction, and the price is currently at $3,950. The seller seems honest, and has good feedback. This is a sweet looking bike that should really be a runner, too.

From the listing…
The engine has been completely rebuilt. It has an 850 big bore kit in it with a real nice street cam in it. The head have new valves, guides, springs, & keepers. The lower half has been rebuilt with new heavy duty chains & all new factory bearings & seals. The bike runs great & pulls really hard for an old girl !!!
The tank is a new fiberglass Dunstall style & has been coated with KBS tank coating for years of use with todays fuel additives. The tail is fiberglass & is completely rubber mounted! (no cracking or un-wanted vibration on this bike.)
The wheels are 18” alum high shouldered laced with stainless spokes & Mich tires.
The forks are completely rebuilt with new Progressive springs, new seals & oil.
The exhaust sounds great, it is a perfect blend of low rpm quiet with high rpm scream.
The bike has been professionally painted using only the highest quality materials. The pics do not do justice to the clarity of this paint job.

honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA01
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA02
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA03
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA04.jpg
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA05
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA06
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA07
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA08
honda cb750 1971 dunstall cafe AA09

1956/1966 BMW R-Series Hybrid Cafe Racer

This is an interesting and beautiful bike: the chassis is from 1956 and the engine is from 1966. The 1966 R69S motor was taken out of another bike owned by the builder (according to the eBay listing), and the current state of the bike has stayed the same since it was originally put together. The current seller has done nothing to it, so I don’t know if they got a smoking deal or what, but this thing isn’t going cheap. Current price is over $7K, and Buy-It-Now is over $10K, with about 14 hours left.

Seller claims it runs, but I mostly just posted this bike because of the looks. Definitely not your standard everyday cafe racer…

bmw r-series hybrid 1956 1966 AA01
bmw r-series hybrid 1956 1966 AA02
bmw r-series hybrid 1956 1966 AA03
bmw r-series hybrid 1956 1966 AA04
bmw r-series hybrid 1956 1966 AA05

1970 Honda CL450 Cafe Racer (Part 2)

Back on March 24th, 2009, I posted what I believe to be this exact same bike (Click here…), and it had some issues that needed fixing. And now it appears they have been fixed. The current seller of this bike replaced the windscreen and gotten it running fine (according to the seller). Click through to the eBay listing via the photos for more pics of the bike currently, or click on the old posting for some outdoor shots of the bike. Reserve hasn’t been met yet, but bidding is only at about $1,500 with 15 hours left.

honda cl450 1970 cafe racer AA01
honda cl450 1970 cafe racer AA02
honda cl450 1970 cafe racer AA03
honda cl450 1970 cafe racer AA04

1973 Honda CB500 Cafe Racer

There are cleanly built cafe racers, and there are cleanly built cafe racers. This bike clearly epitomizes the idea of taking a bike, and building into a cafe racer without doing anything crazy or over the top. Heck, this bike has drag bars, and I still like it!

What has been done to this bike is as follow:

    Tons of energy put into making it a clean build.
    Classic cafe racer seat.
    Cylinder-head gone through and cleaned up.
    Replacement of various mechanical bits and pieces including clutch plates, ignition, K&N filter conversion, and battery.
    Aftermarket 4-4 exhaust.
    Nice paint job.

Currently, bidding has put this bike at just under $2K with 11 interested bidders. There are only 9 hours left, so unless bidding picks up it might be possible to pick up this bike for a deal. Keep an eye on it if your interested. The seller has built a nice bike that will most likely make the buyer very happy. Good luck!

honda cb500 1973 cafe racer AA01
honda cb500 1973 cafe racer AA02
honda cb500 1973 cafe racer AA03
honda cb500 1973 cafe racer AA04
honda cb500 1973 cafe racer AA05
honda cb500 1973 cafe racer AA06

1967 Honda CB160 Cafe Racer

I neglected to post this bike over the last couple of days, and there are only 4 hours left in the auction, but anyways…

This CB160 has been nicely modified to within an inch of its life from a cosmetic standpoint. I especially like the ultra-shorty seat, which is definitely a bit different from the norm. Overall, with the clubman bars, seat, modified front brake, and paint, it is a very beautiful bike. I’m not a huge fan of the windscreen or number plates, but either could be kept or removed depending on the buyer’s personal preference.

Given the price ($7K+ Buy-It-Now, $3,200 current bid but reserve not met), you might expect the mechanicals to be fully modded or upgraded. But by far, most of the parts on this bike are stock Honda pieces. The forks come from the CL160 Scrambler, and that is about the most modified part. The motor was somewhat taken apart, but mostly to check for wear and tear. I will give the seller full kudos for honesty with regards to the detailed description of this motorcycle and all of the things that have been done to it.

honda cb160 1967 cafe racer 01
honda cb160 1967 cafe racer 02
honda cb160 1967 cafe racer 03
honda cb160 1967 cafe racer 04
honda cb160 1967 cafe racer 05
honda cb160 1967 cafe racer 06
honda cb160 1967 cafe racer 07

1968 Honda CB350 Cafe Racer

Here’s a beautiful bike (nice job! to the builder). It’s a 1968 Honda CB350 twin that has been crafted into quite the well-done cafe racer. And check out that seat! I admit to never having seen one like that before with the narrow front to match the frame rails, and then the wider back section. I would guess that with a rider on it, the shape becomes perfect. Overall, a nearly flawless buildup that doesn’t appear to be a trailer queen.

On to business. The seller’s feedback appears to be good, and the price is at $2,000 with 5 days left. Given that there are 4 bidders already, I would guess that this bike will go up in price before the auction closes. Buy-It-Now, which is set at $3,250, will disappear if the price gets close, so if you think that’s a valid price (I do), you might want to consider that option. Good luck to everyone who’s interested in this bike!

honda cb350 1968 cafe racer 01
honda cb350 1968 cafe racer 02
honda cb350 1968 cafe racer 03

honda cb350 1968 cafe racer 05
honda cb350 1968 cafe racer 06

1979 Yamaha XS650 Project Bike

I know this is not a cafe racer, but this XS650 could become whatever you want. Cafe Racer? Check. KR replica? check. Bobber? Check.

It appears to be a clean runner that would convert to cafe fairly easily. Obviously, that requires a bit more than just slappin’ clubman bars on it, but it should be a good starting point. There are 3-1/2 days left, and the opening bid will need to be $999 or greater. Good luck, and I hope to see a converted bike sometime in the future!

yamaha xs650 1979 project 01
yamaha xs650 1979 project 02
yamaha xs650 1979 project 03
yamaha xs650 1979 project 04

1970 BSA Thunderbolt Cafe Racer (Kinda mix and match)

Props to the owner/seller of this bike for building a beautiful classic motorcycle. Is it a full-on cafe racer? No. Is it beautiful? Yes, and I already stated my opinion.

This brings me to another point. Lately I have received a bit of criticism for having opinions about what makes a cafe racer a cafe racer. Does it have clip-ons or clubmans? Is there a cafe seat on the bike? Are there rear-sets or the standard dangly bits hanging off the side of the bike? To reiterate what I have already written, my blog is opinion only. I comment on what I see and read when I find cafe racers. Do I like them all? No. Do I say what I honestly believe? Yes. All I know is that I love cafe racers and will continue to find them and write about them…

Which brings me to this bike. Is it a cafe racer? Well, the seller says so. It is certainly a classic British bike, but it is missing some of the key aesthetic features that create the cafe look. It has high-ish bars, and standard footpegs. And it has white wall tires. That’s something I’ve never seen on a cafe bike. All that being said, it is a beautiful bike that either you could keep as is and enjoy, or you could stick some lower bars on it and “cafe” it. Whatever you think, this is a nicely put-together bike.

There are about 15 hours left before the Buy-It-Now goes away, but the “make offer” might get you a better deal if you are interested.

bsa thunderbolt 1970 cr 01
bsa thunderbolt 1970 cr 02
bsa thunderbolt 1970 cr 03
bsa thunderbolt 1970 cr 04
bsa thunderbolt 1970 cr 05
bsa thunderbolt 1970 cr 06

1973 Suzuki T500

Up for auction on the newly revamped eBay Motors site is this beautiful 1973 Suzuki T500 that has been done up in mostly cafe racer style. There really isn’t that much that needs to be said about the bike as the pictures do most of the talking.

honda_cb750 1973 cafe racer 06
honda_cb750 1973 cafe racer 7
honda_cb750 1973 cafe racer 08
honda_cb750 1973 cafe racer 09
honda_cb750 1973 cafe racer 10
honda_cb750 1973 cafe racer 12