1974 Honda CB350F Cafe Racer

While this is a repost here on the blog, it is also a relist on eBay.And this time it appears to be a no reserve auction which already has 1 bidder at $2,800. I’m sometimes skeptical of relists as I have no idea if it’s real or a scam. However…

In this case, I liked this bike so much the first time around that I decided to repost it anyways. And I even included the rest of the pictures I didn’t post last time. This is a very beautiful bike that truly stands out among cafe racers. Especially those of the home built variety. Here’s a link to the original post on 4/22/09. If you decided to bid this time, be careful, ask questions, and good luck.

honda cb350f 1974 cafe racer 01
honda cb350f 1974 cafe racer 02
honda cb350f 1974 cafe racer 03

3 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    I contacted the ebay seller and ask if I can see the bike before I place a bid. I also live in Brooklyn, NY, where the seller/bike is. his response was “I don’t have time to put on a bike show”. I too, like the bike, and was willing to pay a bit more than the one winning bid, but that is a lot of money to let loose without seeing an item which happens to be nearby. and since he didn’t want to work with me…so be it.

    • caferacers on

      Sorry to hear that. That sounds like the worst possible buyer experience on eBay. But you should feel good that you weren’t the winning bidder, because it sounds very scammy. I hope the buyer didn’t get ripped off.

  2. aaaaa on

    i know the buyer its actully a nice bike veryyy loud runs good carbs needed to be adjusted but now runs fine its a very quick bike

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