1976 Yamaha RD400 Kenny Roberts Replica

Is this a cafe racer? Not really.

Is it ultra-cool? Absolutely!!!

This is a really well-done Kenny Roberts replica that has been made street legal to boot. The look is there, and the seller’s description claims that the bike is fully mechanically sound (“IT RUNS PERFECTLY WITH A ONE KICK START”). Overall, this is one great bike up on the eBay auction block.

Bidding is currently at $4K on the nose with the next bid supposedly breaking the reserve. There are almost 4 days left in the auction with 14 bidders. If you’ve got +$5K burning a hole in your pocket, this bike could be yours…

yamaha rd400 1976 cafe racer 01
yamaha rd400 1976 cafe racer 02
yamaha rd400 1976 cafe racer 03
yamaha rd400 1976 cafe racer 04
yamaha rd400 1976 cafe racer 05

4 comments so far

  1. ary on

    Keren!!!! Ngomong2 klo gw mo cari fairing ninja musti liat kemana ya??

  2. russell on

    so it looks ok but it kind’a looks like the bikes i saw at m/c website they look like drit trackers.
    I own a 1976 RD400c some of the mods are tappered bearing kit at the head tube aftermrk.c.d.i.ing.coils(from toyota)
    DGsunburst heads 65mm bore fmf 1 1/2 stack reeds 34mm carbs factory racing pipes etc.etc. I’ve owned the bike
    for 14 years and never been down on this bike.there are pic’s at my e-mail thank’s for your time.

  3. Mike from Maine on

    Smart little “bumblebee” ring-ding. Authentic. What “technically” does it take to ba a cafe racer anyway? This one’s certianly showing the spirit. She may not sport a pedestrian slicer but guy’s like Roberts, Dunlop, Read, Carruthers and even Agostini flew this kind of gear around. No “poser” but maybe that’s the point.

  4. Tonnie v/d Haar on


    Ik ben zelf een replica racer aan het bouwen en ben dringend op zoek naar de kleur geel die je hebt gebruikt voor jou RD.
    Kan je me hier een kleurnummer van doen als je deze nog hebt?

    Vr Gr Tonnie

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