Honda CB400 Cafe Racer

It’s been a while since a new, non-relisted quality bike has come up on eBay for sale, but here’s a pretty nice example of a well-built cafe racer. Not only is it a nice looking bike, but it comes with some good parts both on the bike and as spares. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues. I think the very first photo points that out. But overall, it is a fairly good build.

So first off the bad (since there’s a long list of the “good” below). I don’t know what to make of that exhaust mount/mile of aluminum stock. I get that the exhaust has to be mounted, but I just don’t buy that 2 feet of aluminum is the way to do it. And the tank has a couple of scratches that the seller honestly points out in one o fthe photos that I didn’t post. The seller also mentions something about the timing chain and adjuster, and I wish that more description was given about it. That’s it.

The good is that this appears to be a bike that has been relatively well built compared to some of the other bikes that appear on eBay. The long list below includes both parts installed on the bike, and some spares that could either be sold off or kept as backup. The paint job is very nice, but I’m not sure if the exhaust really goes with the classic looking style. I know that Ontario exhausts are probably somewhat period correct, but I would sell that thing off and go with a more standard exhaust. Or maybe it helps the bike put down some good horsepower numbers.

Anyways, like always, ask the seller questions before you bid, read the description carefully, and good luck if you try to win this bike. The seller’s feedback is decent, but fairly light over the last 12 months. The price is currently at $2,800 with zero bidders and just over 3 days left.

    1) Ontario exhaust and silencer (designed by Kaz Yoshima) ($600.oo ~ if you can find one)
    2) Giuliari café seat made in Italy (with custom leather cover) ($450.oo ~ if you can find one)
    3) Tomaselli clip-on’s and new needle bearing set in the headstock
    4) Barleycorn rear-sets
    5) DID aluminum rims w/stainless steel spokes, ( decent tires )
    6) Powder-coated hubs w/new wheel bearings (labor excedes value )
    7) Works performance rear shocks ($250.00)
    8 ) Custom dual disc front end w/progressive springs and drilled rotors (labor excedes value) . .. styling is priceless. Hey I’m not bragging, everyone say this about the bike. The triple clamps are CB750 w/ CB400 stem, welded shims. Progressive Springs in tubes.
    9) Halogen headlamp in steel CB750 bucket (powder coated)
    10) Dyna ignition
    11) Smith metric speedometer (cable missing)

    Here is a list of extra parts that are not on, but come with the bike:
    1) Spare motor with only 9,000 miles ~ punched out to 450cc. (not assembled)
    2) 450cc Piston kit (possibly Yoshimira)
    3) Genuine Honda gasket and seal kit
    4) CR 26mm carbs from SUDCO (new in box)
    5) Dyna coils

honda cb400 cafe racer 01
honda cb400 cafe racer 02
honda cb400 cafe racer 03
honda cb400 cafe racer 04

2 comments so far

  1. Hawaii homes on

    What a beauty! I had a 400 four nearly 30 years ago and loved it. Yoshimura 458cc big bore kit and a kerker pipe made it very fast.

  2. Blaknwite on

    there is an absolutey sorted one of these for sale in houston.
    Saw it and heard it at the track this weekend. Grrrrrr

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